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Note: if you know which air filter or element number you need, simply type it into the search to quickly locate the individual part's product page. If you don't know, please use this page as a guide to find what you need then use the drop-down selector to order the correct model number.

The specially treated polyurethane element in the Brackett filter assures near total protection from any foreign material entering the system. Repels water, fire retardant and has good air flow for proper fuel/air ratio. Has no pleats to collect dirt. Low-cost maintenance with increased engine life. FAA approved. Replace original air filter unit with a Brackett assembly. Thereafter, throw away element and replace with new one at minimal cost.

Partial List, request prices on unlisted Aircraft Applications.

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They were great and the price is right

March 3, 2021

Showed up on time as advertised

Larry R
February 11, 2021

Good product with fast shipping

January 19, 2021

Just what I needed and got here quickly

Floyd K
January 4, 2021

Just what I needed.

Douglas J
December 29, 2020

Top quality. Great product.

H. C
November 16, 2020

The replacement is identical to the removed item.

Bill W
September 30, 2020

Good products!

James A
September 23, 2020

Received as described on time. Great service and reasonable prices.

Pat W
August 31, 2020

shipped quickly

William C
August 26, 2020


Q: What is the difference between Brackett BA5110 and BA5110A?

Per the supplier: The BA-5110A has airlocks for mounting and they are STC'd for different aircraft than the BA-5110.

Q: How can I obtain the foam gasket seal which goes in between the filter housing and the carb heat box? A new assembly comes with one but don't see the gasket seals listed as replacement parts. Specifically, I'm looking for the gasket seal for Model BA-4106, Rev. D.

Yes, you can order just the gasket. Search part number BA4101 (BRACKETT AERO 4101 GASKET FOR BA-4106) on our website to order.

Q: Does the filter assembly produce type come with a filter element or will that have to be ordered separately?

The assembly will have an element included.

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