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OR36R1N01-0772010-50Red LED Beacon 14 VDC, 2.6" Base
OR36R1W01-0772010-52Red LED Beacon 14 VDC, 3.75" Base
OR36R2N01-0772010-10Red LED Beacon 28 VDC, 2.6" Base
OR36R2W01-0772010-12Red LED Beacon 28 VDC, 3.75" Base
OR36R2WL01-0772010-13Red LED Beacon 28 VDC, 3.75" Base Lower Mount
OR36S1N01-0772010-70Red/White Split LED Beacon 14 VDC, 2.6" Base
OR36S1W01-0772010-72Red/White Split LED Beacon 14 VDC, 3.75" Base
OR36S2N01-0772010-30Red/White Split LED Beacon 28 VDC, 2.6" Base
OR36S2W01-0772010-32Red/White Split LED Beacon 28 VDC, 3.75" Base
OR36S2WL01-0772010-33Red/White Split LED Beacon 28 VDC, 3.75" Base Lower Mount
OR36W2N01-0772010-20White LED Beacon 28 VDC, 2.6" Base
OR36W2W01-0772010-22White LED Beacon 28 VDC, 3.75" Base
OR36W2WL01-0772010-23White LED Beacon 28 VDC, 3.75" Base Lower Mount
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ORION 360 Beacons are the 4th Generation LED beacons for fixed wing aircraft. These are designed to replace legacy 2.6" and 3.75" round beacons. ORION 360 beacons are lower profile than legacy product by 60%. Please see documents for more information on this product.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Methylene Chloride, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


  • Available in 14 VDC and 28 VDC. Red , Red / White Split, and White assemblies available.
  • FAA TSO-C96a Class III
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Excellent product. Easy to install and VERY bright

Accessible A
December 8, 2020

I replaced the rotating beacon on my 1957 182 with this light. It was a real easy install and it is a much brighter light. Well worth the cost.

Dan B
November 26, 2020

Extremely bright. Easy installation get rid of expensive cessna parts. Winner!

November 14, 2020

Perfect fit to replace an original beacon on a 1967 Citabria 7KCAB. Much brighter than the original with a fraction of the amperage draw.

Fred V
June 24, 2020

Nice piece installed in 10 min. Works great no more motor or bulbs to worry about. Oh yes very bright !

Richard L
June 8, 2020

This LED style flash beacon replaced an old flash tube style that utilized a power supply. The power supply was failing to produce sufficient power to operate the flash tube. The increase in visibility of the aircraft is greatly improved with the LED Orion 360 and the need for a power supply has been eliminated.

Roger F
April 18, 2020

Very bright beacon for the small size, easy to install...

November 15, 2019

I really like this beacon which is extremely bright, and increases my hangar clearance since it is mounted on the top of the vertical stabilizer and is much lower profile than the one it replaced. I was really surprised by how easy the installation was.

Howard I
May 9, 2019

This was a replacement fir a mid-80âs Whelen strobe that had finally failed. Installation was simple and straightforward, aside from accessing the fasteners inside the aircraft. The three threaded mounting holes on the light housing did not line up to the original light holes. Two were perfect, but the 3rd was off by 15 degrees. This meant drilling a new hole in the base to line up with the 3rd threaded hole on the light. While not necessarily a problem with this light, the Whelen to Whelen compatibility issue was surprising. Please note that this light does require a base in usable condition, as it slides inside an existing base and a new one is not provided. Once operating, the LEFs are daylight-visible and the entire unit looks great!

Brian S
February 3, 2020


Q: What is the light output for the 2.6 in base 14 Volt red beacon - in lumens or candle power?

It is 100 candle power.

Q: What is the diameter of the larger base Whelen 360? Is it 3.75 or 3.67? The email ad says 3.67 while your online ordering says 3.75. My existing beacon is 3 5/8 or 3.67

The larger size is 3.75" per the technical drawings. We have updated the web page to reflect the correct size.

Q: I have a 1968 PA-32. Are these strobes self contained or do you need the Whelen strobe power supply that I currently have running the tail strobe. Also I have a Whelen self contained belly strobe (SA800EA?) that Id like to replace. Which models would work for the belly? What model would work for the tail?

They are self contained. As for the replacement we would need to know what is currently installed on the aircraft. SA800EA is an STC number that covers several lights.

Q: Is this a PMA part?

The Whelen Orion 360 series is FAA TSO approved for certified aircraft.

Q: Is this Whelen Orion 360 a rotating style LED or do they all flash at the same time?

They all flash at the same time.

Q: Will this beacon work on the top of the rudder of a C172N?

If the aircraft is 1967 through 1977 and has factory fin cap, then yes it will work. 1978 is the transition year from 12 to 28 volt, so you will need to verify voltage.

Q: Does the installation of the Orion 360 on a certified AC require a form 337, or does the FAA TSO allow it to be considered a minor alteration? PA28 161 181 etc. What does FAA TSO imply? 337 or simple logbook entry? I see no STC Documents for these lights.

The TSO should make it just a logbook entry/minor alteration.

Q: How often does this flash? I understand there is a synch cable to make other same beacons flash at the same time, but is there a way to guarantee that they flash at different intervals to aid visibility?

The flash rate of the 01-0772010-50 will be 45 +/- 4 flashes per minute. In regards to synchronization the LED beacon will flash at its own rate and will go in and out of phase with the remainder of the strobes as there is no means of syncing this product.

Q: Which Orion 360 beacon will work on my 1965 172F? My rotating beacon on the tail has died (motor)

Per Whelen: You would need to measure the diameter of the current beacon. It is likely either 3.75 or 2.6".

Q: what beacon replaces the grimes model 30-0437-100 belly strobe in a PA28-180?

14VDC Platform : OR36S1W Or 28 VDC Platform : OR36W2WL

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