Tempest AA472 Oil Filter Torque Wrench

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Part# 08-07023
MFR Model# AA472


The Tempest AA472 oil filter torque wrench is a great addition to any toolbox. Its 1" hex allows easy installation or removal of all oil filters. The torque wrench also comes preset to 17 foot pounds and is easily recalibrated.


  • 6" Long
  • 1" Box end ratchet wrench
  • 17 ft/lbs. of pre-set torque


I haven’t had the chance to ise it yet but this is a welcome addition to my tool kit and should make oil filter changes much easier.

Leo J Verified Purchase


August 18, 2021

Looks lIke a high-quality tool. The issue I had with it is that the large filter I have on my Mooney Acclaim doesnt provide enough room to fit the wrench under the accessories and over the top of the filter nut.

Michael M
January 21, 2021

Hand tool for oil filter replacement.

Tom M
December 12, 2020

Well built quality tool

Henry D
October 18, 2020

Works like a champ! The small size makes it really easy to use on our Grumman Tiger.

Tom H
May 29, 2020

Great quality and makes installing and ensuring your oil filter is torqued a breeze.

Chris F
November 10, 2019

The wrench worked well and is good quality

September 16, 2019

Works fine, appears well made, used it on a Champion filter. Takes the guess work out and easily fits into the available space on an RV-4/IO-360. Not cheap but should provide years of useful service.

Roger H
April 25, 2019

Makes every oil change quick and easy. Torque with confidence.

October 22, 2018

It worked great and gave me the confidence to know that I have the filter tighten to the right pressure. It was very easy to use and it will also work with Champion filters.

Mark O
May 8, 2017


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Q: If I purchase the torque wrench, who can calibrate it? And what is the cost for recalibration? Regarding Part # 08-07023

Each unit comes with a calibration certificate as well as instructions for re-calibration. The torque wrench should be re-calibrated every 12 months and will cost the amount of the postage to send it to the manufacturer in Texas.

Q: I am not sure if this will fit in the tight space where my filter is. What are the dimensions of the this Tempest Oil Filter Torque Wrench?

AA472 Torque wrench dimensions: 8 long , 3/4 diameter handle, 1-3/4 across ratchet head and 1-1/8 inside ratchet.

Q: Will this Tempest AA472 Oil Filter Torque Wrench fit all Tempest oil filters?

Yes, this will fit all the Tempest oil filters.

Q: Will this Tempest AA472 Oil Filter Torque Wrench fit all Champion oil filters?

Yes, this will as well fit onto Champion oil filters.

Q: What is the thickness of the ratchet at the head? My oil filter is very close to the firewall.

3/4" thick at the head.

Q: Is the hex drive 6 or 12 point?

This is 12 point.

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