Part# MS21078-06
MFR Model# 30355-1
MaterialPNThread Size
Elastic Insert MS21078-06MS21078-066-32


Anchor nuts are designed for blind mounted applications where it is impractical to use hex nuts or where it is desirable to have an attached nut for ease of maintenance.

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what I wanted

Mark W
April 27, 2021

Look good.

Norm S
March 5, 2021

excelent quaity

Denis E
February 3, 2021

Philip C
March 30, 2019

Works great

March 24, 2019

The nut-plates arrived quickly, and very well packaged. The quality is second to none!

Greg W
June 25, 2017

High quality, a great design, and expensive. In my opinion, worth it for select applications. I used nine of these on a wheel pant installation. Two items: (1) get the right size pop rivets (2) careful with those threads when using. Make sure you get 2 or 3 turns just with your fingers as a start. These are very easy to cross-thread with a machine screw fastener.

Nelson A
May 8, 2020

Before ordering these, I noted that one reviewer complained about the threads not being very well done. I found that his review was accurate. I do not have a suitable tap to clean out the threads, as that reviewer did, so I just had to lubricate the threads and force a bolt through the nuts several times to make them useable. These are rather expensive items and there should be no excuse for such expensive items being of such poor quality.

Ken K
June 5, 2020

All in all a good product but you need to check them I found one of them to only have been drilled and threaded halfway through.. It was not worth the time to me to send back for a replacement...

Corey H
March 12, 2020

I had to run a 10-32 tap through a few of these to rethread them, couldn’t get a screw through it otherwise.

October 31, 2019


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Q: What size rivet is needed for the 10/32 elastic insert nut, part # AN366F-1032A?

You will need a 3/32" diameter rivet.

Q: For AN366F-428A, is it dimple or ctsk rivet hole?

No, the AN366F-428A do not have dimpled, or countersunk, rivet holes.

Q: What is the distance between mounting holes of AN366F-1032A?

The distance between the mounting holes is 0.688".

Q: Are these AN366F anchor nuts non magnetic?

These are cad plated steel, they are magnetic.

Q: What is the distance between mounting holes of AN 366F-428A?


Q: What is the rivet size for AN366F-428A?

You will need a 3/32" diameter rivet, the length will depend on the material thickness.

Q: For MS21078-06, Is it dimpled or countersunk?

They are not dimpled or countersunk.

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