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Part# 11-11312
MFR Model# 7035-28


  • The 7035-28 is a “sealed lead acid battery upgrade” to the popular Gill® G-35
  • Maintenance Free – Shipped Fully Charged and No Electrolyte or Water Required
  • Non-Spillable and Proven for Aerobatic Maneuvering
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty After Installation
  • Robust Starts, Higher Residual Power & Faster Re-Charge Times
  • First Capacity Check Not Required Until 18 Months/1800 Hours
  • Cost Competitive and Best Shelf Life in Lead Acid Chemistry
  • Advanced Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Design
  • FAA/PMA Approved, TSO Authorized and Tested to DO-160E
  • LT® Series Batteries Are Fully Recyclable
  • LT® Series Batteries Ship Hazmat Exempt
Start strong with the Gill® 7035-28 for your 12V piston powered Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Maule, Mooney, American Champion, CPAC, and Alexandria aircraft. See the application chart to locate your aircraft and review your battery options.

Battery Type Voltage Amp Hours 30 Minute Capacity Weight (Lbs.) Battery Diagram PDF
7035-28 12 28 45 30 Download Full Battery

Application Guide

Manufacturer Model PMA SUP. #
Alexandria Aircraft 17-30, 17-30A, 17-31, 17-31A, 17-31TC, 17-31ATC 57
American Champion 7GCAA, 7GCBC, 7KCAB, 8KCAB 57
Beech / Beechcraft 19, 23, 24, 33, 35, 35 Bonanza, 36, 50, 76 11, 57
Cessna 180, 182, 185, 188, 190, 195, 206, 207 210 Series 57
Cessna 177, 177A, 177B, 180A, 180B, 180C, 180D, 180E, 180F, 180G, 180H, 180J, 180K, 182A, 182B, 182C, 182D, 182E, 182F, 182G, 182H, 182J, 182K, 182L, 182M, 182N, 182P, 182Q, 185, 185A, 185B, 185C, 185D, 185E, A185E, A185F, A188A, A188B, 190, 195, 195A, 195B, 206, P206, P206A, P206B, P206C, P206D, P206E, U206, U206A, U206B, U206C, U206D, U206E, U206F, U206G, 207, 207A, T207, T207A, 210, 210B, 210C, 210D, 210E, 210F,210G, 210H, 210J, 210K, T210F, T210G, T210H, T210J, T210K, T210L, T210M , T210N , T210R 57
CPAC, Inc. 112, 112B, 112TC, 112TCA, 114, 114A 57
Globe GC-1A, GC-1B 57
Hawker Beechcraft 19A, B19, M19A, 23, A23, A23A, A23-19, A23-24, B23, C23, A24, A24R, B24R, C24R, E33, E33A, F33, F33A, F33C, G33, 35, 35-33, 35-A33, 35-B33, 35-C33, 35-C33A, A35, B35, C35, D35, E35, F35, G35, H35, J35, K35, M35, N35, P35, S35, V35, V35A, V35B, 36, A36, A36TC, B36TC, G36, 76 57
Maule M-4-180V, M-5-180C, M-5-235C, M-6-180, M-6-235, M-7-235, M-7-235A, M-7-235B, M-7-235C, M-7-260, M-7-260C, M-8-235, MT-7-235, MT-7-260, MX-7-160, MX-7-160C, MX-7-180, MX-7-180A, MX-7-180B, MX-7-180C, MX-7-180 AC, MXT-7-160, MXT-7-180, MXT-7-180A 56
Mooney M20, M20A, M20B, M20C, M20D, M20E, M20F, M20G, M20J, M20K 57
Piper PA-18, PA-18A, PA-18S, PA-18S"125", PA-18A"135", PA-18S"135",PA-18"150", PA-18A"150, PA-20, PA-20S, PA-20"115", PA-20S"115", PA-20"135", PA-20S"135", PA-22, PA-22-108, PA-22-135, PA-22S-135, PA-22-150, PA-22S-150, PA-22-160, PA-22S-160, PA-23, PA-23-160, PA-23-235, PA-23-250, PA-24, PA-24-250, PA-24-260, PA-24-400, PA-28-140, PA-28-150, PA-28-151, PA-28-160, PA-28-161, PA-28-180, PA-28-181 PA-28-201T, PA-28-235, PA-28-236, PA-28R-180, PA-28R-200, PA-28R-201, PA-28R-201T, PA-28RT-201, PA-28RT-201T, PA-30, PA-32-260, PA-32R-260, PA-32-300, PA-32R-300, PA-32-301, PA-32R-301, PA-32-301T, PA-32R-301T, PA-32RT-300, PA-32RT-300T, PA-34-200, PA-34-200T, PA-36-375, PA-39, PA-44-180, PA-44-180T 57
Piper PA-18, PA-22, PA-23, PA-24, PA-25, PA-28, PA-30, PA-32, PA-34, PA-39 18, 57


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type: Sealed
  • Weight: 28
  • 1 hr (C1) 28
  • 30 min (2C) 45
  • Electrolyte: Not Needed


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Perfect fit in my 210B, unlike Concorde which required trimming the upper plastic extrusion on top to fit in the battery box. Prompt delivery, excellent packaging.

October 29, 2020

Great battery

Kelly L
August 24, 2020

Great battery. Lots of cranking amps.

Keith A
August 7, 2020

Incredible service! Super speedy shipping and great price!

Mid-america S
July 20, 2020

Great battery but rather pricy.

July 7, 2020

Worked as advertised. Very strong. Just dropped into my M231K. Easier than some car batteries.

Scott S
April 30, 2020

I was charged freight on my last order which included a gill 12 volt battery’ In the past years aircraft batteries were always shipped freight prepaid’ Has the policy changed ?.. Also I was to receive your 2020 catalog with free shipping but I did not receive it, Thanks

Henry H
April 20, 2020

Battery came charged but instructed to fully charge before use and that was easy enough. Great starting power. No longer nervous if it will have enough juice in it to start on hot days while doing my preflight. Very happy with this battery.

April 16, 2020

This Gil battery is a preemptive replacement for one I bought from Aircraft Spruce over 3.5 years ago and has given me out standing service over that time.

John D
January 12, 2020

Do not buy a Concorde, this one is cheaper and is as good. The Concorde G35 I bought at a premium price lasted exactly 8 hours. Concorde Tech Support is a joke. I think like most companies, Concorde, once they were known for a great product let quality fall. I will NEVER buy or suggest to my clients at my FBO ever buy Concorde. I have never had a problem with Gill.

Paul M
December 9, 2019


Q: Are the Gill 35 and 35S batteries the same size in width, height, and length? I need to replace a Gill 35 that fits in a very tight battery box. I want a Gill 35S battery, but I need to confirm that it will fit in the installed battery box. Please confirm. Howard

Yes, the G-35 and the G-35S have the same dimensions. You can confirm this by pulling up the drawing on each battery, which is referenced as an additional image. It can be difficult to see as it is white on white, but if you mouse over the image to the right of the primary image, you will see the drawing which you can then enlarge.

Q: Is there a core refund for Gill Batteries?

No, there is no core fee charged at the time of purchase and no core refund after purchase. All batteries are sold as new replacements.

Q: Is the new G-35S sealed battery (7035-28) still non-spillable and considered non-hazardous material for shipping?

Yes, that is correct. It is sealed and considered non-hazardous for shipping purposes.

Q: Is this an AGM or GEL type battery?

Per the manufacturer: All Gill LT sealed batteries are AGM.

Q: What is the cold cranking amps for a Gill 7035-28 battery?

Gill stopped measuring in cold cranking amps as this in an automotive term. They are now using IPP and IPR. IPP is rated at 1,599 amps and IPR is rated at 1,088 amps.

Q: how many amps and how many cold cranking amps does this battery have?

The Gill 7035-28 battery (11-11312) is a 28 amp battery. Cold cranking is an automotive term, aircraft use IPP which is 1,599 amps.

Q: Can the Gill 7035-38 battery be used as a replacement for the G35?

Yes, this can be used as a replacement for a Gill G35 battery.

Q: Can the Gill 7035-28 battery replace the Concorde RG-35AXC in my 1973 Piper Cherokee Challenger? I can validate the dimensions per drawing but I cant see the terminals in drawing if they will match my aircraft like Concord battery

Yes, part # 11-11312 is a direct replacement for a RG-35AXC.

Q: Which battery minder do you recommend with the Gill 7035-28 battery?

You can use P/N# 11-07742 or P/N# 11-09985 for the 7035-28 battery. See Accessories.

Q: Does the Gill LT 7035-28 sealed battery come fully charged?

Yes, this battery ships fully charged.

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