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Airgizmos 396 & 496 XM Antenna Dock

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Part# 11-04694


Here is the perfect companion to your new Garmin 396 and the AirGizmos Panel Dock. Now you can move the XM antenna from plane to plane, or from vehicle to vehicle, along with the GPS itself. The AirGizmos Antenna Dock is designed to mobilize your costly 396 XM antenna.

It helps to maintain the clean look of a permanenet installation by organizing the antenna cable. Using the AirGizmos Antenna Dock you can freely move ONE XM antenna from location to location, avoiding high costs of additional equipment and service subscriptions.

To utilize the AirGizmos Antenna Dock, attach the base to your antenna and install the cradle in the necessary location (you can install several cradles in different locations). Using a simple twist & lock mechanism (no tools required) the base will lock your antenna into the preinstalled cradle, and your 396 XM antenna is ready to go!
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Q: Does this work with the Garmin 296?

No, the XM functionality was not available until the 396 model series and newer.

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