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Airgizmos Ifly 700 / 720 / 740 Panel Dock

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Part# 11-10848
MFR Model# PD23


Mount your iFly 700/720/740 GPS in your instrument panel. Using our Panel Dock you can enjoy your portable GPS in a more stable and safe installation. We have added a space inside of the Panel Dock to hold the iFly external battery. The iFly 700/720/740 Panel Dock is designed to be mounted horizontally or vertically.



Arrived quickly and seems to work as advertized

Lynn N
November 20, 2020


December 28, 2012

It doesnt fit my application, not aircraft spruce fault but I found it quite over priced for a plastic tray. Ill keep it for a possiable future aplication..

Tim O Verified Purchase


June 10, 2022

This dock has worked well for my iFly720, however, when iFly changed their external GPS antenna connector from a straight MDX to a 90deg connector, it required drilling a hole in the back of the dock because there is no relief space to accommodate it. Airgizmo’s answer to that is to install it upside down. The second issue came when I tried to upgrade to the 740b. While technically it “fits” the dock, it does not click and secure into place like the 720 because the frame bezel of the 740b is rounded and the 720 is squared off. The external GPS connector on the 740b is also on the opposite side of the 720. Once again, Airgizmo’s answer is to install the dock upside down which DOES NOT WORK since the 740b is rounded on all sides. If you want to fly straight and level with no external GPS antenna connected then this dock will work for you. If you want to fly aerobatics, the 740b will end up in your lap.

Karl R
October 30, 2018

Does not have room to install USB adapter

Lynn N
January 31, 2021


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Q: What are the overall dimensions for the Airgizmos iFly 700 & 720 GPS Dock?

6.25"W x 7.90"H x 2.43"D

Q: Will the Airgizmos Ifly 700/7220 Panel Dock fit into my 152?

Please see the specifications sheet in the documents tab for information on dimensions.

Q: Will this Airgizmos panel dock work with the iFly 740 as well?

Yes, this dock will hold the iFly 740.

Q: Does the mount allow the pilot to tilt or angle the gps screen for better viewing by the pilot in both the Vertical and horizontal orientations?

No, this Airgizmos dock is a flat mount and does not have tilt or angle capability.

Q: Will this work with the 740B?

Yes, this works with the iFly 740B.

Q: In the Airgizmos dock can the 740b be both hardwired and battery pack (T10) connected at the same time, so the 740b can still work with the m/s off, and the battery pack recharge while the plane is flying?

Yes, this will work.

Q: Does any of the 700 series bluetooth? Looking for something to connect my GoPro too

No, they do not have Bluetooth.

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