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Part# 10-02065
MFR Model# RA825


A high-quality tool designed for use in the installation and removal of tubular brass or steel brake lining rivets, 5/32 of an inch in diameter. Recognized by professionals, this screw type set allows controlled pressure for a proper flare. This reduces the chance of cracking not only the rivet but also of the lining material. It also helps avoid the costly warping of brake assembly back plates and pressure plates, often associated with using the hammer type method. The RAPCO rivet tool is designed to be mounted in a vise or can be handheld. Packaged in a reusable case the RA825 is a quality tool for a professional job. Maximum set travel 1 inch. Maximum working area 1 1/4 inch.


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Works great

James H
April 22, 2021

I used to rivet brake pads for mu JOHN DEERE SKIDDER

John P
April 21, 2021

This is a quality tool worth the price. Easy to use with directions available at RAPCOs website.

March 12, 2021

The product was received on time and in good shape. It works as advertised and does a great job. You cant find a brake shop that does riveted brake shoes any more that isnt sky high in pricing. This [product may be in the aviation field but it owrks great on automobile brakes that need riveted linings. The workmanship is excellent and all of the parts necessary are included. I would recommend this rivet tool to anyone.

Charles M
March 8, 2021

Works well, very cost effective tool.

Jace H
February 23, 2021

Used the tool to crimp brass rivets for on the brake pads of a 1958 Oliver OC 46 crawler. The tool worked great. Thank You

Barry P
January 22, 2021

After 7 years, the rivet removal tip broke off of my last brake rivet tool. : ( So I spent a little extra money this time and got this rivet tool instead. Good news is that this one has replacement parts! If tthe rivet removal tip breaks off I can just order a new tip. That is a nice touch.

Julicher A
December 30, 2020

The tool did not have directions in the box, Yes, this is an easy tool to use but it did not seem to have a flare for the rivet. I did go online an a u-tube once again saved the days to the flare situation. I printed out the directions found online for the future but this is something that should be included with the tool. The tool does a great job once the technique is found from u-tube which was not aircraft spruces.

December 24, 2020

Works like a charm. Well built.

James D
December 22, 2020

Much better than the hammer tool. More precise. Get one you wont be dissappoined.

Michael A
November 30, 2020


Q: Will the RA825 Rivet tool work with 1/8 Tubular Rivets? If so, what parts will be needed in addition to the tool itself? Thank you

Per the supplier: The RAPCO RA825 Rivet Tool is designed for tubular rivets that are 5/32" in shaft diameter. They have not actually been tested with 1/4" rivets. We only sell this rivet tool or the replacement anvil & punch for it.

Q: Is this the correct size anvil and punch for the Cleveland 66-106 linings?

Per supplier: Yes, the Rapco brake rivet tool will work with the 66-106 brake linings with standard 00200 rivets. It is the correct size anvil and punch.

Q: Will this Rapco Brake Rivet tool work with Matco brakes?

This is made to be used with steel tubular rivets. If Matco brakes uses these type of rivets, then yes this should work.

Q: What are the dimensions of this Rapco Brake Rivet Tool?

It measures 1" wide, 4-1/8" tall, and 3" long.

Q: Is this the right tool for CLEVELAND 66-105 ORGANIC BRAKE LINING?

Yes this will work with both Cleveland and Rapco pads and rivets.

Q: Will the RA825 Rivet Tool work with Grove rivets?

Yes, it will.

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