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uAvionix AV-20-S Multi-Function Display - Certified (Norsee)

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Part# 11-17557
MFR Model# UAX-90050-01


Complement Your Panel with a Certified (NORSEE) 12-In-1 Display that adds a suite of in-flight information to nearly any panel. Designed to seamlessly fit in a standard 2 1/4-inch round instrument opening, the AV-20-S offers a standby attitude indicator, angle of attack, bus voltage, slip/skid Indication, outside air temperature, density altitude, G meter, and more—all protected with a 30-minute internal battery backup for uninterrupted function in the event of power loss. Now also approved by the FAA as an advanced time-keeping device equivalent and hence a replacement for the sweep-second-hand clocks of old. The unit is considered a replacement for clocks in Part 23, Class I and II IFR aircraft per advisory circular AC 20-94A.

Transform your panel without sacrificing simplicity. AV-20-S is FAA Certified (NORSEE)

uAvionix offers a downloadable simulator that allows you to directly explore the AV-30 functionality. Windows only. Download Here


  • Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
  • G-Meter Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
  • Attitude (Roll / Pitch)
  • Slip / Skid Indication (NEW!)
  • Clock (GMT / Local)
  • Outside Air Temperature (C / F)
  • Bus Voltage Display
  • Dual User Timers (Count Up / Down)
  • Engine Run Timer
  • Flight Timer
  • Density Altitude Display
  • True Airspeed Display (Kts / Mph)
  • Audio Alerts (AoA, G, Roll Limits)


  • Input Voltage Nominal: +10 to +32 VDC
  • Input Voltage Max: +60 VDC
  • Input Power Nominal: 3 Watts (0.25 Amps @ 12VDC)
  • Input Power Max: 6 Watts (0.50 Amps @ 12VDC)
  • Required Circuit Breaker: 1 Amp
  • Operation on Battery: 30 Minutes (Standard 15°C Env)

  • Physical Attributes
    • Mounting Configuration: 2 1/4” Round Instrument Hole
    • Dimensions wo/Connector: 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.2 Inches
    • Weight: 0.25 Lbs.
    • Electrical Connector: 9 Pin Male D-Sub
    • Pneumatic Connectors: 1/4" OD Quick Connect
    • Mounting: (4X) #6-32 Machine Screws
    • Case Material: High Impact ABS Plastic
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temp: -20°C to +55°C
    • Storage Temp (48 Hrs): -30°C to +80°C (Via Analysis)
    • Humidity (48 Hrs): 90% RH (Via Analysis)
  • Display
    • Diagonal Size: 1.8” Circular
    • Contrast Ratio (Typical): 500
    • Brightness (Typical): 1000 cd/m2
    • Viewing Angle Left/Right:60°
    • Viewing Angle Up: 45°
    • Viewing Angle Down: 10°
    • Backlight Lifetime (Typical): 50,000 Hrs


Sunlight Readable Display - Goodbye Glare
  • With a matte display, AV-20S is visible in direct sunlight and automatically adjusts brightness to ambient light.
Audio Alerts - Eyes On the Sky
  • Fly focused and aware with customizable audio alerts. AV-20S’ many display configurations offer several audio triggers to alert you of critical flight information.
Probeless Angle of Attack - Avoid Stalls
  • The AV-20S alerts you visually and aurally if you approach a dangerous AoA. AoA is calculated by comparing the aircraft’s pitch, flight path, and G-loading.

In The Box

  • Included is the AV-20-S (with internal backup battery), two 1/4″ quick connect fittings, mounting screws, and wire harness kit. The harness kit includes serial connectors/pins/case housing/grounding strap, etc but is not assembled.
  • OAT probe is NOT included and must be purchased separately. The AV-20-S is compatible with the industry standard Davtron Analog probe, C307PS. If the OAT probe is not connected, OAT, DALT and TAS will not be displayed.)
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Looks very nice compact and is easy to install.

Felipe T Verified Purchase


December 13, 2023

Worked right out of the box. Does everything its supposed to. Nice addition to my instrument panel.

Rocky C
May 13, 2021

Seems like a fun gizmo at first but the more I use it the more I like it. When the density altitude and true airspeed came alive it suddenly felt like the AV20 was worth its weight in gold. Im certain that Mr. Claus will be consulted soon regarding the AV-30.

March 18, 2021

Installation was simple and straight forward. A lot of functions, too many for me, but easy to have them not display. For me there are too many clock options and I was just scrolling through them to get to the page I wanted. I found the AH a little slow to respond to changes at times but very usable as it is. And it weighs almost nothing.

Daniel R
January 6, 2021

I love mine! Put in place of the old corroding Davtron. Removed my non battery backed up electric the digital readout of the voltage before starting up in my T303. Screen and form function is tops. I need to take the time to figure out the AoA.

John J
October 1, 2020

Installed in 1966 Cessna 182 below DG. We bough it as a backup for the AI and turn coordinator. So many features for such a small device and price.

Craig H
July 27, 2020

Like the features when they work. My AV20S failed within 90 days of installation. TAS stuck at 47 MPH and does not shut down when master turned off. I purchased this to control the TailbeaconX when its released but company tells me that the NORSEE certification (s model) does not allow for it to control the TSO TailbeaconX. Called to get service and ask questions and 2 messages went unanswered. Had to post on their FB chat to get someone to call. That was 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for some kind of resolution. Website is confusing to say the least. Maybe I just got a bad one but I now have no control head for the TB-X when it arrives.

Craig W
October 9, 2020

AOA was a big selling point , but as it turns out this feature is not only non functional , the AOA alarm is always going off and changing the page no matter what the AOA limit settings. Big disappointment. All other features work satisfactory , just not worth the cost.

February 24, 2023


Please note, Aircraft Spruce Canada's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce Canada assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: What is the part number and price of the optional OAT probe please?

This unit is compatible with C307PS, part # 11-04603.

Q: Can I use the AV-20S to replace my legacy turn and slip indicator?

Please see the NORSEE PDF document on the web page. This refers to the approval of the AV-20S as a secondary or non-essential to the required equipment.

Q: How is "Probeless" Angle Of Attack Determined?

Angle of attack is determined by comparing aircraft pitch to the actual flight path angle through the air. This is equivalent to the angle at which the wing is intercepting the body of air surrounding the aircraft - exactly the same as a probe based AoA system. Pitch is determined by a precision internal AHRS, and flight path angle is determined by a precision ADC (airspeed and vertical speed). The resulting angle is then augmented with G-Load, as determined by internal acceleration sensors. For example, during a climb, if the pitch angle is 10 degrees up, and the aircrafts flight path through the air (forward airspeed and vertical speed) is also 10 degrees up, the equivalent AoA is 0 Degrees. However, if the flight path angle through the air is only 7 degrees, then the equivalent AoA is positive 3 degrees as the wing is no longer able to maintain full lift. Therefore, no dedicated AoA probe is required - only internal inertial and pressure sensors (8 in total). Connection to the aircraft's pitot static system is required.

Q: Can I use this AV-20S as a back up to my standard vacuum instruments, is it stand alone?

This does require connections to your pitot static system, however it is standalone and can be used as a backup.

Q: What class aircraft is the AV-20 certified for?

The AV-20, and AV-30 certified, are only certified for Class 1, and Class 2 aircraft. Aircraft under 6000lbs.

Q: Does AV-20-S work with tailbeacon X certified? Or do I need to wait for a different version of the AV-20 to make this work?

Uavionix does not list the AV-20 as an option at this time.

Q: Does this AV-20-S instrument count as a backup attitude indicator for IFR operations?

If the aircraft STC requires a backup attitude indicator, this does not qualify.

Q: Will the Uavionix AV-20-S work with the same temp probe as the ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL A-1 OAT gauge?

Per the manufacturer it is recommended to use C307PS from Davtron.

Q: Does the Attitude on the Uavionix AV-20-S show any indication of degrees of bank? Any reference lines?

No, it does not have any indicators for degrees of bank.

Q: Does this AV-20-S unit also have a transponder control head?

No, only the AV-20 Experimental version, when purchased in a bundle with the TailbeaconX Experimental, can be utilized as a transponder control head. The AV-30 model may be utilized as a TailbeaconX transponder control head on certified or experimental airframes.

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