Electronics International C-4 Four Channel CHT

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Part# 10-01348
MFR Model# C-4


The line of Electronics International digital instruments offers precise readings at exceptional prices. All gauges are accurate to 1% and are FAA-approved under STC No.1626NM. Furnished complete with all probes and leads.

C-4: Four Channel CHT Kit, 2 1/4" Mount, 2.5" Depth, 24 Oz. Kit, STCd, TSOd, PMAd, 1 Degree Resolution, Accurate within 1/2%, Viewable in direct sunlight, Backlit, Operates from 7.5 to 35 volts at .1 amp.

Package Includes: Unit, 4 ea. 6' Cables, 4 ea. CHT Probes, All Wires and Connectors.

FAA Approval

  • STC'd, TSO'd, PMA'd
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Easy to install and use. I did have a little trouble getting one probe to screw into the cylinder but it was more than likely the threads in the cylinder. A little pressure and it went in. I didnt have to remove the intake or exhaust.

David B
April 6, 2018


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Q: What kind of CHT probes are included with part # 10-01348: Gasket type (10-01368) or screw-in type (10-00808)?

The unit comes with P100 bayonet probes, part # 10-00808.

Q: Can ring type CHT probes be used with the EI #10-01348, if so what is the part #?

Yes, you can simply request for gasket style probes in the special instructions box at checkout.

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