Tempest Oil Filter AA825706 Fits Rotax Engines

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Part# 08-07226
MFR Model# AA825706


The new filter has all the features which have made the Tempest oil filter so popular, including the magnetic secondary filtration system, and higher burst pressure.


  • Full Can Thickness:.019
  • Base Plate Thickness:.100
  • Burst Pressure:275-325
  • Media Size:118 sq. in.
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Excellent and can safety wire

Danny H Verified Purchase


December 30, 2021

I have bought several of these filters and find them excellent. Locking wire is a great idea

Norman C Verified Purchase


November 19, 2021

Nice oil filter with an excellent reputation. Fits easily on my SuperStol 912 installation and I really appreciate being able to safety wire the install.

Loren B Verified Purchase


June 2, 2021

Works as expected.

February 10, 2021

Fit perfectly and easy installed

George E
February 20, 2020

Pierre D
September 10, 2019

Fits great on my Sting S4. Plenty of room and love the safety wire tabs after having a Rotax filter loosen up on me.

Sting D
June 16, 2019

It fit easily on the 912is even with the safety tabs.

February 17, 2019

Works well. I also had the problem of the safety wire tabs hitting the exhaust manifold during installation on my 912S Flight Design CTSW. I use a hammer to tap the tabs flush with the can and then install the filter. After the filter is fully seated I use a screwdriver to bend out the one tab I wish to safety wire to. It is ridiculous that the Rotax oil filters do NOT have safety wire tabs.

David E
November 23, 2018

Fits my SuperSTOL with a 914

Sean S
July 17, 2018


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Q: Is this Tempest Rotax Oil Filter compatible with the Rotax 912 engine? The part number is the same from Rotax! Thanks

Per the supplier: Yes, this filter will fit the Rotax 912 engine.

Q: Does this Tempest Rotax oil filter have the same internal bypass pressure rating as the Rotax filter?

It does have the same settings as the Rotax filter. This is the only filter besides the Rotax filter that should be used with 912 series engines.

Q: Does the Tempest Rotax oil filter have an internal check valve like the Rotax brand has?

Yes, it does have an internal check valve.

Q: What is the filtration size of the media (e.g. 30 microns)? Does it come without the wiring tabs on the top? What is the overall length with the wiring tabs flat?

Per Vendor: 30 microns nominal. Safety wire provisions incorporated in design. Overall length 3 1/16 inch.

Q: Do they work with Rotax 914 engines?

Yes, this can be used on both the 912 and 914 Rotax engines.

Q: What is the maximum diameter of this oil filter? is this 3 1/8?

The OD is 3 inches.

Q: Does this Tempest Rotax Oil Filter fit the Rotax 915 engine?

Per Tempest, yes, it should fit.

Q: What size are the threads? Would this work on a Rotec R2800 oil filter block (currently using a Fram PH7317)?


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