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Phillips 66 Type M Aviation Oil is an ashless, nondispersant, multigrade engine oil recommended for use in aircraft piston engines where the operator prefers a mineral oil-based engine oil that does not contain dispersant additives. It provides easier starting and quicker oil circulation at low temperatures compared with single-grade mineral oils, while maintaining high film strength at high temperatures and under high loads for protection against wear and piston scuffing.

Type M Aviation Oil is used as break-in oil for newly overhauled engines where all-mineral type oils are recommended. The multigrade formulation helps reduce cylinder glazing tendency during break-in. Break-in normally is accomplished in less than 25 hours of engine operation.


  • Easier starting and quicker oil circulation at low temperatures compared with single-grade oils
  • High film strength for protection against wear and piston scuffing, even under high-load conditions, such as takeoff, and at elevated operating temperatures
  • Reduces cylinder glazing tendency during break-in, compared with single-grade oils


  • SAE Standard J1966
  • U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-6082 (obsolete)


  • Aircraft piston engines where the operator prefers a nondispersant engine oil
  • “Break-in” oil for newly overhauled aircraft engines
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Just what the doctor ordered for breaking in a new engine.

Richard L
December 14, 2020

Just what we needed, and delivered quickly. A must for new engine break in.

Thomas E
December 6, 2020

Good straight mineral oil for engine brake-in. Very happy with it performance. Switched from Aero Shell after it became just too expensive.

July 30, 2020

Im Not sure how to review oil. This works great as Break in Oil if it is what you need.

Zaworski A
February 20, 2019

The oil is fine. It does what oil is supposed to. The reason I didnt give five stars on this was my displeasure at having three out of twelve quarts with loose caps on delivery. One was cross threaded. I had quite a mess to clean up. Oil should be shipped with a this side up sticker on the box.

David A
December 1, 2020


Q: Is there a shelf life for 20W-50 Mineral oil? <BR> Per Phillips Tech support: No set shelf date as long as kept in controlled environment. They do suggest that the product be tested before use if 5 years or older.

Like other oil suppliers, Aeroshell as an example, there is not a specific "shelf life" listed, but just a recommended re-test time from date of manufacturer.

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