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Phillips 66 Victory Aviation Oil 100AW is an ashless dispersant, single-grade engine oil pre-blended with the proper concentration of antiscuff/antiwear additive (LW-16702) as mandated by Lycoming Service Bulletins 446E and 471B and Service Instruction 1409C. It is recommended for use in opposed piston and radial piston aircraft engines where cam lifter wear is a concern.

The ashless dispersant formulation helps minimize the formation of engine sludge, varnish, piston deposits and combustion chamber deposits, resulting in a much cleaner engine compared with the use of straight (nondispersant) mineral oils. This oil has a high viscosity index and low pour point compared with many other single-grade aircraft engine oils, allowing its use over a wide temperature range.

Victory Aviation Oil 100AW is FAA approved as an alternate method of compliance to AD80-04-03 R2, paragraph b.1.


  • Ashless dispersant helps minimize engine sludge and varnish deposits for a cleaner engine
  • Pre-blended with Lycoming-approved antiwear additive
  • High film strength for protection against wear and piston scuffing
  • High viscosity index and low pour point for use over a wide temperature range
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Formulated with the same high-quality base oils as used in Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil


  • Avco Lycoming Material Specification No. 301G
  • Pratt & Whitney Service Bulletin No. 1183 Rev. U
  • SAE Standard J1899
  • Teledyne Continental Material Specification MHS-24B
  • U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-22851D (obsolete) for additive treatment


  • Opposed piston aircraft engines, especially where cam lifter wear is a concern
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Got my order very fast aircraftspruce is very easy to do business with

Matt W
January 4, 2021

Single weight good for the south and controlling lead. Canât get it locally. Work the shipping

James P
November 11, 2020

Reasonable price, good product.

Richard C
November 11, 2020

Super quick delivery and easy process.

Don M
July 8, 2020

Excellent product. Use it in all my aircraft along with their filters.

Forrest A
April 11, 2019

Using this oil sure beats spending $42 on Lycoming additive and buying 8 qts of oil on top of that. Saves me about $40 at oil change by usIng an oil that already has the formulation in it.

February 19, 2019

Where a high viscosity single grade oil is indicated, this has proven excellent in terms of great pressure at start-up as well as staying stable when hot. Its shown good wear prevention over the life of my small Continentals over the years in my experience. I do mix with Phillips 20W50 in colder temps.

May 5, 2018

The product was poorly packaged at the factory, not by Aircraft Spruce, and 2 bottles had leaked in the package.

Donald B
October 29, 2020


Q: Is the Phillips 66 Aviation Victory Oil 100AW comparable to the Aeroshell 100 Plus?

Yes, this is the Phillips version of the 100 Plus.

Q: Can Phillips 66 100AW Victory oil be air freighted? We are based in Kenya.

Yes, this product can be shipped by air. There are no hazardous shipping restrictions on this product.

Q: Are these sold by the case?

Yes, a case of 12 quarts can be selected from the drop down menu.

Q: Can Phillips 66 100AD be mixed or topped up with Phillips 66 100AW?

Yes, these can be mixed.

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