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Trig TY91 Dual Control VHF Transceiver

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Part# 11-13343
MFR Model# 01451-00


The TY91 is an innovative two-part radio with a remote mounted radio and a panel mounted controller.

With a crisp clear display and simple user interface the Trig radio benefits from some great features. The ‘Dual Watch’ feature allows the monitoring of two frequencies at the same time. There are 9 pre-set channel memories which are all easily selectable. The radio can integrate with popular GPS units; this allows the automatic display of en-route radio frequencies (uses industry standard SL40 protocol). The radio also has a built-in two place intercom with an aux input, saving further cost and weight.

The innovative use of a control head and separate radio hardware unit provides more installation options, especially when space is at a premium. The control head can be conveniently mounted in a full 57mm (2 ¼”) round hole or even smaller compact mount. Fitting is straightforward, and once installed the depth of the radio control head is only 74mm (3”). In practice this means that the Trig TY91 and TY92 control head can be located in an aircraft instrument panel where a ‘single box’ radio will simply not fit. A single radio can even be connected to two control heads. This is great for a tandem aircraft in training and flight school use.

The TY91 is EASA ETSO and FAA TSO approved so it can be used worldwide. For customers who do not require 8.33 channel spacing this feature can be disabled, allowing speedy selection between 50 kHz and 25 kHz spacing. This enables rapid change of frequency whilst providing fine tuning in 25 kHz steps if required.

The TY91 Trig radio two place intercom is optimised for use with standard aviation headsets – a number of adjustments allow the radio to be used successfully in noisy aircraft. The TY91 also has a built in speaker amplifier that can drive an external speaker, this is preferred by some glider pilots. If using a boom dynamic microphone with a Trig radio please note that an amplified adaptor will be required.

All Trig products come with a two year warranty, supported by our global network of Approved Trig Dealers and Approved Trig Service Centers in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

Contact your nearest Approved Trig Dealer now and benefit from our smart, affordable and future proof avionics.


  • Compact size, low weight - takes minimal panel space, only 74mm deep
  • 8.33 and 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Dual watch – monitor two frequencies at the same time
  • Unique ‘Push Step’ feature provides the fastest frequency selection
  • Low power consumption
  • 6 Watts nominal output
  • Simple installation
  • EASA ETSO and FAA TSO certification
  • Two controller option for tandem cockpits
  • Unbeatable value and quality – designed and manufactured in the U.K.
  • Two year worldwide warranty
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Complete order with good fast delivery. Thank You

Robert S Verified Purchase


May 6, 2022


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Q: Does the Trig TY91 Dual Control VHF Receiver. part # 11-13343, come with the dual control heads as shown in the picture?

Yes, this package will include two control heads as shown in image.

Q: How does the Trig TY91 dual control VHF transceiver switch between the two control heads?

Both control heads are connected to the radio at all times and display the same information.

Q: There are no instructions on the use of two control heads or the installation wiring?

The installation manual has the wiring diagrams for this application. You can download the PDF of the manual found in the documents section of this page.

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