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FAA approved Laminar Flow Speed Pants will add up to 10.5 mph over bare wheels and up to 10.5 mph over stock wheel pants (pre-1978) for all Piper PA-28 and PA-32 aircraft models. A special pressure recovery design improves the rate of climb with most installations. 1977 and earlier model aircraft require Strut Fairings.

At 10 pounds, these second-generation Speed Pants are lighter and up to 5 times stronger than conventional Piper wheel pants. They are made of three layers of hand-laid, 10-ounce fiberglass with a high strength epoxy resin. Additional layers of Kevlar cloth are applied to stress areas. A removable panel allows easy access to brakes. Wing to wheel fairing improves the aesthetics of the main gear.

Note: If your PA 32 is from 1978 or older, you can install Fancy Pants (P/N: 05-22157) or Speed Pants (P/N: 05-03627). If 1978 and newer, you can only install Speed Pants (P/N: 05-22156 ).


  • Exposed brakes and trailing linkages just make matters worse, and our Fancy Pants really solve the problem as well as beautify your plane. A set of Fancy Pants will cover all the exposed brake and strut parts on your main gear.
  • They do not have to be removed for service
  • They can be installed seamlessly, so they look original…only much better.
  • They have no service problems
  • Fancy Pants can be installed in under a day. To install them you have to have the original pants in place.
  • You attach the Fancy Pants to the original wheel pants and fasten them with the provided hardware (rivets).
  • Since you need to paint the final pants anyway, we suggest that you fiberglass or smooth over the seam line between the fancy pant and the original pant to get the best look and performance.
  • They are permanently attached to the Piper pants and are removed as one piece.
  • There is a large access and service door through which normal inspections and service can be conducted with ease.


  • For Piper aircraft models All PA 28’s up to 1978 and PA 32 1977 and older
  • Gains: Up To 10 MPH
  • Installation Time: Typical Installation In 4-6 HRS
  • Durable Fiberglass Construction
  • FAA Approved By STC



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