T-88 Universal Cartridges

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Part# 02-00103
MFR Model# 1100K91


Up until now if you wanted automatic measuring and mixing capabilities the only cartridges available were side by side tubes which required special guns for dispensing. With the Universal Cartridge any medium to high quality caulking gun will work just fine.

When you evaluate the Universal Cartridge notice that without a mixture tip it is perfect for accurately measuring small batches of adhesive. This is something that is very hard to do in a mixing cup without generating a lot of waste. Of course when the cartridge is used with the mixing tip you get both accurate measuring and thorough mixing making large, continuous gluing jobs much easier with flawless products performance.

The gel time would be 60 minutes at 77 degrees F and full cure time is 72 hours at 77 degrees F.

Note: Cartridge includes one mixing tube. Extra mixing tubes and caps are sold seperately.
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I found the mixing tubes to be worthless. They do not mix the glue thoroughly. The wing rib I built up still had sticky glue on it after 3 days of curing.

Leslie A
July 15, 2016


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Q: So does it work with a caulking gun?

Yes this will work with a caulking gun.

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