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Tire Bead Breaking Tool TBBT-2

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Part# 12-06272
MFR Model# TBBT-2


Tire Bead Breaking Tool (TBBT-2) Designed for the Homebuilt Aircraft, and GA owners. No more struggling with clamps, vices, mallets to break the bead. No more finding an A&P with the traditional breaking tool to use and working on the floor putting all your weight into the handle to break the bead. Now you have a new option.

The TBBT-2 unique design leverages the power of the mechanical advantage of the clamp technology used in the Experimental Aero’s Deep Reach Dimpling Tool (DRDT-2) and makes breaking your tire bead even easier.

Compared to the traditional bead breaking tools (from Brand B and M) which are adjustable for larger tires which changes their mechanical advantage, the TBBT-2 has a significantly lower operating force (2.5 to 4 times). You can even operate the TBBT-2 on your work bench. What this means is you can now break the bead without breaking your back.

For those DRDT-2 owners who are now flying but keeping the DRDT-2 for future use the TBBT-2 is even more affordable. By purchasing the TBBT-2 frame only, the DRDT-2 owner can transplant the clamp assembly to the TBBT-2 frame.

The TBBT-2 is available in two options. TBBT-2 Frame Only-For DRDT-2 customers who are now flying and keeping the DRDT-2 for future use and transplanting the DRDT-2 clamp assembly onto the TBBT-2 frame. TBBT-2 Complete Unit (Includes Clamp Assembly)


  • Tire Size: up to 18x6:00-6
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Construction: Steel (welded and bolted)
  • Finish: Industrial powder coating
  • Shipping Box: 24”x6x6”
  • Shipping weight: 10 lbs (frame only), 14 lbs (complete unit)



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