Part# 06-00754
MFR Model# GL-6020B


Leakguard® Inner Tubes proprietary rubber compound substantially reduces the air seepage effect that is common in standard aircraft tubes currently available. Get tomorrow's technology today!

Tested to MIL-I-5014F
Supplier to USA Military & Foreign Armed Forces

Valve: TR-20
Angle Degree: 0

Straight Stem
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Great product

Michael R
February 23, 2021

Delivered fast. Looks like a nice tire, but I haven’t installed them yet. Good price, lightweight.

February 10, 2021

The tubes are of obvious good quality but do not fit the valve stem hole. The rim is made for tubeless tires so I did not want to drill the hole out to fit the thicker and longer valve stem. If I did the length would interfere with the hub. So I went back to the heavy duty tubes that fit from Tractor Supply.

Wesley F
January 4, 2021

Replaced tire and inner tube with this new tube. Old one was just too old to keep on flying. Looks like this new one will last a long time too.

November 9, 2020

Product arrived and worked as expected. Great customer service.

Joe B
September 30, 2020

What can I say? I received the usual excellent Aircraft Spruce service. Item was in stock, was shipped the same day, and arrived as expected.

Rick B
September 16, 2020

Flawless transaction, as usual. Had a blowout on my nosegear so we decided to replace all the tubes and tires all the way around...I already had the tires in storage but needed tubes. Great packaging, timely arrived when they said it would. A&P got them installed, they work perfectly.

Robert T
August 10, 2020

Great tubes.

William R
May 29, 2020

No issues appears tough

May 23, 2020

Very happy with them so far. As always Aircraft Spruce was fast on delivery.

April 9, 2020


Q: Is this the correct tube for the AirHawk 600-6 tire? (part #06-07800)

Yes this tube will fit the AirHawk 600-6 tire, part # 06-07800.

Q: Will this tube fit the Aero Trainer 6.00-6 ?

Yes, this Aero Classic 600-6 tube will fit the Aero Trainer 600-6 tire.

Q: Is this the correct tube for the GoodYear 6.00-6 tire? (part # 06-07300)

Yes, any 600-6 tube will work with the Goodyear 600-6 tire. You can use this part number or the Goodyear tube, part numbers 06-05305 or 06-05300-1.

Q: Is this the correct tube for the Condor 6.00-6 tire? (part #06-08020)

Yes, any 600-6 tube will work with the Condor 600-6 tire. You can use this part number or the Michelin part number 06-01373 or 06-00853.

Q: Will this tube will fit the Air Trac 600-6 tire?

Yes, this tube will with the Aero Classic 600-6 tire.

Q: What is the diameter of this tire? How many ply?

Part # 06-00754 is the tube only. For tires, please see the Alternate Items tab.

Q: Will this fit Part# 06-07900?

Yes, this tube will fit that tire.

Q: Will this tube work with this tire AIR HAWK 600-6 6PLY TIRE?

Yes, this will work with that tire.

Q: How much air pressure can it hold?

Depending on the ply rating that the tire is being used with the tube, "4ply should be 29 PSI, 6ply should be 42 PSI, 8ply should be 55 PSI".

Q: Is the stem straight or canted for a 172?

600-6 tubes, including this one, generally have a straight stem.

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