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Switchbox Control Icebox 12v Portable Air Conditioner Wireless Full System

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Part# 08-13244


The IceBox is a portable air conditioning system, for your airplane cabin, car, or boat.

For Pilots: No more flying in a scorching hot cabin! Turn ON the IceBox during preflight and cool your cabin down. Jump in and start your engine for a comfortable taxi and departure to a cooler altitude. Enjoy hours of IceBox cooling power and control your comfort with the Wireless Remote (Pump and Fan controls).

TIP: During cruise flight, Turn OFF the water pump at altitude with the included 2x button Wireless Remote to sustain the longest A/C possible. In Cruise Flight Mode -Keep the fan running to push cooler air through the cabin.

For General Use: Use the IceBox portable air conditioner in any environment, with or without available electrical power. Cool down the car or boat with the IceBox, and keep your engines off in the process.

Electrical: 12V or 24V. Max Power Consumption 4.5 Amps


  • 12 W x 16 H x 22 L

  • Weight Empty 10lbs



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