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The IceBox is a portable air conditioning system, for your car, boat or airplane.

For Pilots: No more flying in a scorching hot cabin! Turn ON the IceBox during preflight and cool your cabin down before engine start. Jump in and experience a comfortable taxi and departure to a cooler altitude. Enjoy hours of IceBox cooling power and control your comfort with the wireless remote control.

For General Use: Use the IceBox portable air conditioner in any environment, with or without available electrical power. Cool down the car or boat with the IceBox, and keep your engines off in the process.

Note: Icebox Full system includes: Icebox Wireless Model 12V/24V, Pilot Cable, Aux Battery, Exhaust Air Hose, and Wireless Remote Control .


  • Exhaust Air Hose for extended reach cooling,
  • Power Cable for easy routing and placement,
  • Wireless Remote Control for Pump/Fan operation
  • Warranty: 1 year Mfr parts & labor, 30 day money back guarantee


  • Electrical: 12V or 24V. Max Power Consumption 4.5 Amps
  • Dimensions: 10"x13"x18"
  • Weight Empty: 10lbs



Just ordered one of the iceBox units from all the good reviews at my local airport. We bought the gel packs and battery unit to precool the plane on the ramp, and couldn't be happier. Very impressed with the IceBox product

Pete R
May 23, 2014

Great product for cooling my Beechcraft Bonanza! I bought this air conditioner for the hot summer months in Arizona, and its been working 100% since we've received it. 5 star rating from us, highly recommended - Rick

Rick W
May 22, 2014

One main issue is no lock for the top to the cooler. Any turbulence could spread water all into the cockpit.

Jeovanny S
August 9, 2018


Q: Are the dimensions 12" W x 16" H x 22" L?

Per the supplier: Yes, that is accurate.

Q: How long do the ten gel packs provide cooling before they need to be refrozen?

Per the supplier: 2.5 hours of cooling for 10x frozen gel packs.

Q: Regarding the THE ICEBOX PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER: <br> 1. Is there any way to control the pump / fan without buying the wireless unit? <br><br> 2. Is the wireless infrared or radio freq? <br><br> 3. Does the cooled air pick up moisture from the unit or is it isolated like the arctic air units?

Per supplier: 1. For Wired Unit - Simply plug the power cord into any 12V cigarette style receptacle, and the Pump and Fan will turn on together. <br><br> 2. Wireless is radio frequency and has a good range of use for any cabin. <br><br> 3. The cooled air does not pickup any moisture. It is using an isolated radiator to actually dehumidify the air, and pump dry, cold air into the cabin.

Q: 1)Can the wireless unit also be operated by 12 volt dc power supply? If so, is cord included?<br> 2)Does the wireless unit come with the rechargeable battery? <br> 3) Please indicate all accessories the wireless unit comes with............Thanks

1)All icebox models can be used with any 12V power source (plane, car, boat, or battery). Yes, wireless icebox comes with 15'power cord.<BR> 2) 12V wireless unit does not come with a battery. The battery is sold as an optional accessory.<br> 3) Wireless icebox comes with 15'power cord, wireless remote, exhaust air hose, exhaust water hose, and instruction manual. The aviator kit will come with pilot cable, aux battery, charging cable and 10 gel packs.

Q: For computing my useful load, what is the weight of the Icebox portable air conditioner fully loaded with the gel packs?

The cooler is 10lb empty and each gel pack is 2lb. So 35 lb totally loaded with water and 10x gel packs.

Q: What is the suggested temperature this can provide? Also, are the gel packs reusable and if so, how long do they normally last?

The temperature the Icebox can provide is 50 degrees constant for 1-2 hours. It can go as low as 38F during taxi before departure. Gel packs are reusable, it will save the pilots a lot of money instead of buying ice all the time. They last even longer than ice, 2-3hours.

Q: What is the pilot cable? Can any gel packs be used?

Pilot cable is an accessory to connect the icebox to BOTH the airplane and a small external battery. With a switch deciding between the two power sources. Yes gel packs, cubed ice or block ice can be used with the icebox.

Q: In the Q & A you talk about the “Aviator Kit”. I see no such reference to this kit. Is this considered the “Full System”. If I select full system what doe it all come with?

The aviator kit has been replaced with the Full system. Full system includes: wireless icebox, aux battery, pilot cable and air hose.

Q: How do you get the water out of the cooler? In the answer to a question you state, there is an exhaust water hose. In the manual, you state Dump the cold water... If the water can be pumped out of the cooler by using the exhaust water hose, does that hose come with the cooler?

The Icebox uses the internal pump to send the water out of the reservoir. The pilot can use the internal hose to send the water outside and dumping the heavy cooler is not needed.

Q: Are the gel packs included with the full system as they were in the aviator kit?

Icebox Full system includes: Icebox Wireless Model 12V/24V, Pilot Cable, Aux Battery, Exhaust Air Hose, and Wireless Remote Control. The gel packs are not included.

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