12Mm Adapter For Cylinder Pressure Tester

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Part# 12-01018
MFR Model# E2-12


12mm Adapter for Cylinder Pressure Tester.


I have not tried it yet. Added the air hose connector and inspected it finding no issues.

Natron A Verified Purchase


October 3, 2023

Perfect !

Rene C
May 29, 2017

Just finished making a 12mm whip hose for my old Moroso 89600 Leak Down Tester will be Honda CBX testing shortly. Added a plug gasket in addition to the o-ring, as the o-ring got fouled by the head threads the first time I test fitted things will see if that works better.

Rick K
May 28, 2017

Be forewarned that this adapter will not be easy to install. Since Aircraft Spruce was out of the E2A-12mm differential pressure testers, I bought the standard E-2A tester and this 12mm adapter. The fitting on the E2a was on so tight that wrenches could not remove it. I ended up having to cut the E2Aa fitting off. The 12mm adapter now fits, but if, when I use my E2A and it ends up being defective, I am afraid I will not be able to return it due to the damage caused. Whoever puts on the fittings at Eastern Technology is using TOO MUCH thread locker and TOO MUCH torque!!

David G
August 7, 2020


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Q: Does this adapt your 18mm tester down to 12mm?

No, this replaces the 18mm tip. You have to remove the 18mm from the whip hose and install this to use it in a 12mm hole.

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