Gasket CHT Probe P/N 2853

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Part# 10-00827
MFR Model# 2853


Insight is the world's largest manufacturer of aviation temperature probes. The temperature probe measures the engine's pulse and therefore is crucial to optimum performance. Insight's probes are built and tested to the highest quality control standards to ensure long life and high performance. The Gasket Probe uses the same J-Type thermocouple as the Spring Probe. This probe replaces the gasket on 18mm spark plugs. The J-Type thermocouple has red and white color coded wires. Note that the spark plug plugs in some engines may run 50 to 100 Fahrenheit degrees hotter than the thermowell. The copper gasket can be annealed just like a standard spark plug gasket.

The gasket probe is recommended for use anytime the spring probe cannot be used. Aircraft fitted with thermowell TANIS preheaters should use the CHT Gasket probes.
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Installed in aircraft and test flight showed it working fine. John Deasy

John D Verified Purchase


December 26, 2021

tried 2 other brands before this one, its the best for dynon source of cht from plugs. Worth buying first!!

Christopher F
July 1, 2018


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Q: How does this attach to the wire coming from my gauge? It has the ring type electrical connectors. I couldnt find a CHT gasket probe with rings on both ends. My A&P doesnt want to change the resistance.

The probes end in 2 ring terminals that incorporate a threaded insert. The wires to the instrument are trimmed to length, two ring terminals are crimped on and the ends are screwed together.

Q: Does this also include the ring terminals and insulating sleeve?

Yes, the gasket probe comes as a complete assembly and will ship as shown in the product image.

Q: Is this probe a thermocouple or a thermistor? What is the sense element specification for the probe?

This has a type J thermocouple.

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