Electronics International A-1 Outside Air Temperature

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Part# 10-01307
MFR Model# A-1


Electronics International’s A-1 instrument provides pilots with the precision and stability needed in order to accurately monitor Outside Air Temperature while in-flight. All gauges are accurate to 1% and are FAA-approved under STC No.1626NM. Furnished complete with all probes and leads.

Ice Warning
Not only will Electronics International’s A-1 display Outside Air Temp with a stable, one-degree (Fahrenheit) resolution, it also comes complete with an “Ice Zone” light that alerts the pilot when the Outside Air Temperature could possibly contribute to ice forming in the aircraft carburetor.

FAA Approval

  • STC'd, TSO'd, PMA'd


Dimensions: 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.65″
Mounting: 2 1/4" Mount, 2.5" Depth
Weight: 7 oz. (Unit), 1.6 oz for a probe & 6′ Cable
Power: 7.5 to Volts, 1/10 Amp


Ice Zone Warning
Light is lit when displayed temperature is between 10ºF and 39ºF.

Viewable in direct sunlight, with dimmable 12 and 24 volt backlight control lines.

Intensity Control
Separate intensity control lines allow you to independently control Ice Warning Zone and Backlight intensity.

Type K Thermocouple, Ungrounded

In The Box

  • Instrument, P-128 OAT Probe, XP-6′ Precision Thermocouple Cable, Wire Harness, Installation and Operating Instructions.
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Q: Can the Electronics International A-1 OAT gauge read in Celsius, or just Fahrenheit?

This Electronics International A-1 OAT gauge reads in Fahrenheit. This can be ordered in Celsius at no extra charge. Please state that you would like the Celsius version when making a purchase.

Q: Is the output of this EI A-1 gauge analog or digital?

Per the manufacturer installation manual, P/N 10-01307 has a digital output.

Q: Does the EI A-1 OAT unit come with the OAT probe?

Yes this comes with one P-128 OAT Probe.

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