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JPI EDM-830 Engine Monitoring System

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With 201 FF (Fuel Pump)With 231 FF (Gravity Fed)
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The EDM-730/830 revolutionizes engine monitoring by the integration of brilliant full color graphical LCD display with the extremely popular EDM 700/800 series functionally and yet reduces the package size to the smallest on the market! The EDM-730 packs more features, functionality, and information onto its large full color screen than any other monitor available and features larger characters for easier reading. Oil pressure has also been added to the entire EDM series line. Mounting is a breeze due to its standard 3-4/8" format, and because it can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation, thus accommodating virtually any panel configuration. Depth behind the panel is an amazing 2-1/2". The unit is "Plug and Play" compatible with existing EDM-700/800 units.

Download dimension profile here.

Full Color LCD Display:
  • More Graphics
  • Large digits for easy reading.
  • Full color parameter range markings.
  • Annunciation of exceedances.
  • More information without "page swapping"
  • FAA STC/TSO approved.

Package Form Factor:
  • Standard 3-1/8" Mounting from the front.
  • Face is offset from center to better fit in spaces where other equipment is currently located.
  • Can be mounted in four different face orientations to satisfy tough mounting scenarios.
  • Depth is nearly the same as the height of a business card, 2.5".
  • Plug and play compatible with the JPI EDM-700/800 harnesses for easy upgrade.
  • Front mounted USB jack for easy software upgrades and data downloads.


  • User programmable engine parameters.
  • Percent Horsepower.
  • Rich of peak or lean of peak operation at the tough of a button.
  • RPM and manifold pressure with full graphical depiction.
  • Full function fuel flow computer system.
  • Links to GPS for enhanced fuel management.
  • Full EDM scanner functionality.
  • Unit easily set to display in either portrait or landscape mode
  • Monitors: 4/6/7/8/9 cylinder engines, Turbocharged engines, RPM, MP, %HP, IAT, CDT, OAT, CAT, OIL P, OIL T, CHT, EGT, VOLTS, EGT, DIF, CLD, F FLOW, F USED, F REQD, F ENDUR, F REM

Functions Included

  • EGT Probes
  • CHT Probes
  • Volts
  • Shock Cooling
  • LOP/ROP JPI Exclusive Leaning Mode
  • Fuel Flow (USED, Remaining, GPH Endurance, GPS Destination)
  • RPM
  • MAP
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • OAT
  • % HP (Requires OAT, RPM, MAP, & FF)
  • Power Connector
  • All required harnesses
  • EZTrends
  • Data recording - 100 hrs Download USB 1 GB Memory Stick
  • Selectable Positions for Linear gauges
  • 3 year warranty


Optional Functions

  • CDT
  • IAT
  • CARB Temperature
  • TIT
  • Accessories
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This is the standard of modern engine monitoring. I have installed 3 of these for different customers and have heard no complaints. In my opinion this is the minimum (and really the only) gage you need to consider when shopping for engine analyzer and or fuel computer. Sure, EI claims to have better quality, but with a bigger screen, the bang for the buck on this one is in surpassed. Do yourself a favor and Dont Buy Used Junk on EBay!!! You will spend many times more money troubleshooting it, than a brand new unit with warranty.

Genavco A
July 31, 2017

Heres my assessment of this unit after having it installed during overhaul of my engine. 1) Be aware that the engineering advancement effort on this product was clearly focused on the screen compared to the 700/800 series. Improvements are limited to those that could be relatively passive in an upgrade from those earlier models. For example, real estate around the screen is such that a separate toggle switch for All, Fuel and EGT/CHT is really not needed. It should have been baked into the unit. On the 800/700 it was understandable as real estate on the unit was limited. 2) The documentation is rather shameful. It shipped with a 5 year old manual that is multiple versions behind the software onboard. When I asked if I had the current manual, Support replied that it was the current document. This part of the response was a bit amusing: EDM updates occur faster than manual updates. Clearly, by about 5 years. Youll find menu options not in the manual, reworded or out of order from the book that makes it confusing to program. For example, I asked what KFactor2 was as it was not in the manual or the FAQ on the website. I was told it was for pressurized carbs and to ignore it. Great, but I asked if the manual or FAQ could be updated. The response was he did not know when the doc would be updated. So much for trying to save the next pilot a little trouble. During my inquiry I also recd a document with an attempt at outlining the current menu options. The document was scribbled on, had grammar issues and wasnt something I would allow, as a director of support at my own company, to go out the door. 3) Email support was rather poor. A lot of one line answers that were incomplete. For example, I asked how Fuel Flow impacted %HP calc as that was the only thing I had not finalized. The response led me to believe this person doesnt know: Fuel flow does play a part in %hp uncertain as to how much it would be off but should be relatively close. I offered an enhancement request for a future software version and it was glossed over and not responded to. Overall, I will say I do like the unit. The display is very nice and the information will be helpful in my operation of the aircraft. Just expect documentation and email support to be lacking/no frills and for the product itself to be optimized for a better display and upgrading older units.

Jeremy D
November 16, 2015


Please note, Aircraft Spruce Canada's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce Canada assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Does the harness come with the JPI EDM 830?

Yes the JPI EDM 830 comes with wire harness with 6 foot leads.

Q: Does the EDM 830 come with the fuel flow transducer?

Yes, the EDM 830 does come with fuel flow where the EDM 730 you have to buy it as an option.

Q: How much is it to add the TIT option for the JPI EDM 830?

You will need to order part number 10-27090 which is the TIT option for the JPI EDM 830.

Q: What are the differences between the JPI EDM 730 and 830?

The JPI EDM 700 is the basic EGT and CHT where the EDM 830 is EGT, CHT, Oil pressure and tempurture, MAP, OAT, RPM and %HP.

Q: Is the JPI EDM 730 or 830 TSO'd?

Yes, the 730 and 830 are TSO'd for a secondary engine monitor.

Q: Does the EDM-830 come with Carb Temperature Probe?

The Carb temperature probe is not included with the EDM-830 but can be purchased separately. The part number is 10-27103.

Q: Is the display dimmable on the JPI EDM 830 Engine Monitoring system?

Yes, the brightness can be adjusted on the EDM 830.

Q: Does the EDM830 come with the OAT probe?

Yes the OAT probe is included with the JPI EDM 830.

Q: Does the JPI 830 engine monitoring system come with the egt and cht engine probes?

Yes, the 830 will come with the appropriate egt and cht probes required for your cylinder selection.

Q: Can I remove any of my existing instruments : OP, OT, EGT, CHT, RPM, MP when I install the 830?

No, the EDM 830 is a secondary engine monitor and cannot be used as a replacement for primary gauges.

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