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Not FAA Approved

Fits Cessna 120, 150, 140, and PA-22 Tripacer. Order filter, gaskets, studs & pins separately.
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The spitting image of the one on my 150M except new (and not full of repairs.)

Chinookflight L
April 7, 2021

Precise, fast shipping! From grounded to flying in three days.

October 8, 2020

Unit was a good fit on MA3-SPA carb on my Corvair-powered Sonex. Its low profile enabled simplification and streamlining of the cowl installation. I am pleased. It would have been nice if it shipped with a gasket between it and the carb.

Arthur P
May 2, 2020

Good value for the dollar. Had to make some minor adjustments to fit my Citabria but all in all, very happy.

Dave C
November 14, 2018

Great Box for the price you pay. However be prepared to drill couple holes for the bracket and like mentioned you may need to widen the hole slightly for the cable. For the price its decent quality and will give years of trouble free. I have installed this exact box back in 2007. No issues.

Jared C
August 27, 2018

Great quality. The only negative is that I had to drill two holes for a support bracket, one hole for the cotter pin to go through on the hose, and widen the hole for the cable bolt to go through.

Wesley K
May 25, 2017

The body is very thin material. The lever arm is even thinner. I dont expect it to last long before cracking. Nutplates were not centered in the holes or or flanges.

Micheal W
February 4, 2021

Good buy for the money but there are a couple issues. The valve is held in with low grade Allen head bolts and elastic stop nuts which I don’t think is a good idea for something that sees a lot of heat. The friction lock on the side wasn’t built properly either. In the fully closed position it barely has any friction and in the fully open position the tab doesn’t touch the serrated teeth at all.

John K
January 23, 2020

thin material that cracks after about 100 hrs i have tried two of these and both exactly the same. they are cheap but not worth the trouble to change or repair every 100hrs

April 26, 2021

Guage of material to fabricate the Carb Heat box was thinner than a previous example. The control arm for the carb heat was too long. It would have made contact with the carburetor. I needed to cut it back to the length of the previous heat box. The incoming port for Carb heat had an extension that was too long. This airplane has a turned duct that get attached to the port extension. If I left it as received, the turned duct would have contacted aluminum breather line. I cut the extension back to about 1. All worked out. Carb heat box now installed on airplane.

Steve L
January 19, 2021


Q: Does this part # 641534 fit a MA3-SPA carb?

Yes, it will fit that carb.

Q: What is the height of the Carb Heat box? What are all the other dimensions?

From bottom of box to the top of the mounting flange is approx. 3-1/8", box is 3-3/4" wide, approx. 5-1/2" long not including the angled air filter section of the unit.

Q: What is the distance between the holes in the mounting flange (center to center)?

Approx 2-1/2" from center to center.

Q: Is this FAA approved for the Cessna 140?

This product is not FAA Approved. The manufacturer can make these for the Cessna 140. Please contact our sales department for price and lead time on the special order box.

Q: Does this box come with the studs to mount onto a Marvel Schebler MA-3SPA Carburetor? I just bought a brand new carb from you guys but need the studs!

No the studs are not included with this airbox.

Q: Im building from scratch a air induction and carb heat system. Could you recommend an air filter assembly?

The filter is not included with this unit. Use filter p/n: 08-01542.

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