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NO STEP - Bright red on
white vinyl. Letters are 1"
high. Decal size: 1-3/8 X 4-3/8".
PN 09-33500

NO STEP - 1"x5" Decal-
black letters.
PN 1040


Nice decals and easy to put on

Robert K
February 18, 2021

These are perfect for meeting the no step placard requirement for the Piper Strut AD. I am starting to see aircraft coming through the shop for their annuals that no longer have the placard seems like aircraft owners who have changed to the sealed struts are forgetting that the AD still requires the no step placards.

Farnworth A
September 18, 2020

Good replacement for original decal. ++

Nicholas M
August 4, 2020

Right size and very easy to install

Guy M
February 6, 2020

Dennis L
November 16, 2018

Perfect for the flaps on my Emeraude. clear back ground is misleading, clear backing peels off to just leave the letters on the flap.

Mark L
October 27, 2018

The decals were better than expected. When you select color, I chose Black on clear (the decals were going on gray fabric). I assumed it could just be a clear sticker. The decals were nice individual black decals in a super easy to apply paper covering that laid them down all at once, spaced perfectly. Total professional looking job in a couple of minutes....great product

March 30, 2018

These are perfect—extremely easy to apply, and they look very professional. There’s no “background”, like a label might have. Very satisfied!

Cary A
March 10, 2018

They are a little small but then do you want a large sign to keep people from stepping on your flaps? I did the red on white one since the airplane is white anyway and it stands out very nice. Now will it work, I tell people only to step on the black anti-skid and I hoping they do just that.

J. L
September 18, 2017


Sport I
November 15, 2019


Q: Is the black decal on white background or clear?

The black lettering decal is on a clear background.

Q: What are the dimensions of the black letters? Only dimensions for the red are given and, based on the overall size, these cant be the same dimensions. Thank you.

Black letters are 1 inch Height x 3/4 inch Width.

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