Isopropyl Alcohol - Ultra Pure Cleaning Solvent

$25.90/Spray Can
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Part# 09-02423
MFR Model# 125-03201


A quick drying light-duty degreaser for use in industrial, electrical, electronic and aviation applications. Its 99% pure formula aggressively dissolves grease, dust, dirt, lint, oils and flux from most non-plastic surfaces.

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  • High purity formula
  • Evaporates rapidly leaving no residue
  • Removes polar soils and other charged contaminates
  • Chemically stable, non-conductive and non-corrosive
  • Safe on most plastic
  • NSF K1, K2 Registered for use in meat and poultry plants


  • Applications: Recommended for light duty cleaning and decreasing
  • Unit Package Description 16 Ounce Aerosol
  • Generic Description 1: Ultra Pure Cleaning Solvent
  • Brand: CRC
  • Net Fill: 12 Wt Oz
  • Unit Dimensions: 7.25H x 2.63W x 2.63D in
  • Appearance: Clear Water-White Liquid
  • Odor: Mild Alcohol
  • Base Type: Isopropanol
  • Flashpoint: 54F
  • Flammability: Flammable
  • Specific Gravity: 0.79
  • KB Value: >200
  • Plastic Safe: Safe on Most Plastics
  • Evaporation Rate: Very Fast
  • Dielectric Strength: 8,300 Volts/Mil
  • Propellant: HFC-152a
  • NSF Category Code: K2,K1
  • NSF Registered: Yes
  • NSF Number: 138013
  • Aerosol Flammability Level: III
  • DOT Proper Shipping Name: Consumer Commodity
  • VOC % (Federal:) 74.9
  • VOC g/L (Federal): 591.7
  • VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal): 4.93
  • Compliant For CA: Yes
  • VOC Category: Electronic Cleaner
  • CA VOC Limit: 75%
  • OTC VOC Limit: 75%
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worked great after i washed the area to be painted with soap and water on the end of my drill. buy the pad that fits on your drill works great. let dry then spray this on and let dry.

William A Verified Purchase


March 18, 2024

Very good cleaner.

Ed B
July 31, 2017

Little pricey but it’s nice to use when soldering

Michael E
October 1, 2020


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Q: Is it safe to apply on human skin, and mobile phone screen?

It should be ok on the phone as it is safe on most plastics. Per the MSDS, "May cause mild skin irritation. Symptoms may include redness, burning, drying and cracking of the skin." You would want to consult a medical professional before applying anything to your skin or body.

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