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BF Goodrich Age Master - Qt

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Part# 09-42545
MFR Model# 74-451-127


Age Master#1 rubber protectant helps extend the life of deicers so you can cut maintenance costs, slow deterioration and aging, extend service life & save money. The protectant isn't just a surface coat. Penetrates neoprene rubber to help retard damage from ozone, weathering and pollutants to help your deicers stay strong and flexible. And its economical,long lasting and easy to apply.

Just follow the simple BF Goodrich guidelines. Wipe or brush on Age Master #1 protectant every 150 flight hours or at least semi-annually, for continuing protection. Age Master #1, the only rubber protectant recommended by BF Goodrich. Meets military specification MIL-P-11520E. Age Master #1 protectant is a staining material.

Avoid contact with painted surfaces. Apply sparingly and let dry thoroughly before flying in rain to prevent run-back.


George S Verified Purchase


February 9, 2024

Excellent product. It takes a little patience to apply thoroughly and properly but good to know that the base rubber is being protected properly.

Paul O Verified Purchase


March 3, 2023

THe only product that actually extends the life of de-ice boots.

Gregory W Verified Purchase


March 23, 2022

William D Verified Purchase


July 25, 2021

I achieved the patent leather look of the boots easily with the age master. Three coats after the stripper, waited one day and then applied the polish.

Mark W
March 8, 2021


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Q: Does this BF Goodrich Age Master have a shelf life?

Per the supplier, the shelf life of this product is 3 years. The date of manufacture and expiration date will be displayed on each can.

Q: How many ounces are in 1 quart of BF Goodrich Age Master?

1 quart of Age Master has 32 fluid ounces of material.

Q: How many square feet of de-icing boot can be treated with 2 pints of Goodrich AgeMaster No.1?

This would cover approximately 36 sq ft to 44 sq ft.

Q: Does this BF Goodrich Age Master goes under HAZMAT shipment?

Yes, this is considered hazmat for air shipping.

Q: What is the difference between BF GOODRICH AGE MASTER and BF GOODRICH SHINEMASTER COSMETIC TREATMENT? Are both approved to use on BF GOODRICH De-Ice Boots and are both approved for BF GOODRICH warranty requirements?

Age master is a protectant that you would put on once or maybe twice a year, to protect the boots from aging. Shinemaster would be used more often to keep the boots looking clean and new in between. Both are recommended by BF Goodrich.

Q: Can this product be used in conjunction with BF GOODRICH ICEX on your Pnuematic De-Ice Boots?

Yes. Agemaster is applied every 6 months to preserve and the protect the boots. Icex is applied every 50 hours to inhibit adhesion. You can also use Shinemaster to keep the boots clean as needed.

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