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Note: For Experimental Aircraft Only

3M Polyurethane Transparent Prop Tape

Clear 2" wide polyurethane tape stretches to conform to curved or straight leading edges without wrinkling. Thick for greatest protection from any in the field applied surface.
** Sold by the foot.


Abrasion/Scratch Resistant Will provide long-term protection of many finished surfaces.
Impact Resistant Maintains the surface integrity in many applications where minor impacts are a concern.
Puncture Resistant Forms a tough barrier against liquids that can be a source of corrosion.
Conformable Can be made to fit most curved surfaces.
Easy Application Polyurethane Protective Tapes provide an easy solution to many demanding applications.
No VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds are not released during application


  • 15-05829: .008" Thick x 2" Wide
  • 15-04832: .014" Thick x 2" Wide


Looks effective as prop Tape. Adhered to curved wooden Culver propeller well, but havent flown yet to see if it stays put. Giving it a day or two to stick permanently, I hope. Watched a Youtube video to gain a little insight in how to manipulate it onto the leading edge of the prop, and if I did it for a living, I could get good at it......

Bill Y
November 1, 2020

Good product. Lasts long time on my MT composite prop.

Jerzy S
July 24, 2017

The 14m is the best prop tape. Keep rock nicks down.

Robert N
March 11, 2014

Used for anti chaffing between aluminum parts. Excellent

Paul W
November 21, 2019

Goes on easy. Use some heat to help wrap at tips of prop.

Dave Z
October 31, 2019

Latest update report on the tape. The other day after I had landed in the afternoon with the sun starting to get low in the western sky I turned to the eastward direction on to the taxi way and then I was stunned to see very bright flashes of light coming off the propeller, it was the sun reflecting off the surface of the tape. { I purchased the clear tape.} I wonder how that would look if I was flying, if it would bother me, or if the propeller would be going to fast to be a problem??? Still testing the tape...

Robin M
September 8, 2019

I thought the thicker tape would provide more protection so I purchased it. The tape will not work on the sharp curved tips of the propeller because it binds up and even after getting it all flattened out it later released from the prop. It does work on a gentle curve of the prop. Make sure to clean the prop well with a non oil cleaner like Alcohol or some other product that will not destroy the paint or properties of the composites used whether wood or fiberglass. I think the thinner tape might do better with the sharp curved surfaces like on the very tip of the propeller. Note that if you have freshly painted your propeller make sure it is very dry, that may take a week or more depending on the paint used. The weight of the thick tape will pull it off since the tape is stretchy it will stretch whatever it sticks to. This may also be a good reason to use the thinner protective tape. The tape has a good adhesive and will pull the paint right off the propeller.... I am still experimenting with ways to protect my propeller and also learning about what works best. I still have the tape on the propeller except for the very tip.

Robin M
August 24, 2019

The 3M thick tape has been on the plane for 18 months now and approx 100 hours flight time. No issues with adhesion but was surprised to see the tape had turned yellow in color over the past 8 months and looks like crap now. The plane is hangared indoors only.

Dennis M
September 28, 2020


December 23, 2019


Q: Which 3M Tape is this? 8671? 8671HS? or some other tape?

This is 3M 8562 Prop Tape. We have updated the web page title to display this.

Q: I'd like to ask you for available colors of 3M prop tape (I'm looking for black one). Is it available?

No, this tape is only offered in clear.

Q: Do you have the adhesion accelerator for the 3M 8561 prop tape (15-04832) or is it included?

It is not included, but we do offer it separately. We offer the 3M tape adhesion promoter 86A. 16oz bottle is p/n 06-00605 or individual cloth p/n 05-03479.

Q: I read to use an accelerator with this tape to speed curing time. Which accelerator can I use with this tape?

3M does have an application solution, part number 06-00604, and promoter 06-00605 & 05-03479.

Q: How long is a full roll of the .014 thick version of this tape?

108 ft roll.

Q: If 3M 8561 and 8562 prop tape is sold by the foot, does the tape have backing paper which is peeled off when applied?

Yes, it is priced and sold by the foot. Yes, this will have a transparent backing meaning that the backing will be clear. This will look like all one piece but you can peel it apart from the corners of the tape.

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