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Goodyear & Formula One

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Volume 1

Learn how this exciting sport caught on, meet the early players and the governing organizations. This volume tracks technological developments which allowed faster speeds and greater safety. This volume covers early racers Art Chester, Steve Wittman, Bill Falck, Tom Cassutt, Bob Downey, Bill Brennard and many other.

Volume 2

Air racing had its ups and downs but by 1967 it was firmly established as a sport here to stay. During this time, women pilots entered pylon racing, speeds continue to increase and concerns about safety led to additional equipment requirements. Bill, Ray Cote, Jim Miller, Jon Sharp and others contributed much to air racings popularity.


  • Volume 1: 202 pages, 569 photos, 88 scale drawings, softbound.
  • Volume 2: 170 pages, 450 photos, 74 scale drawings, softbound.


A great book about air racing and airplane builders. Wish I had read it sooner.

Jonathan M
February 9, 2021

This paperback book is out of print. I was astounded to find this copy at Aircraft Spruce! Arrived in as new condition carefully packaged. Have been a customer since the early 80s and have always gotten first rate service. This is my first transaction with the Georgia store as I live in California. Nice to know the same quality of service exists all all Aircraft Spruce stores!

Randy W
November 25, 2019


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