Timken Bearing Only 13889

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Part# 13889
MFR Model# 13889-20629


FAA/PMA approved TimkenŽ bearing 13889

13800 Series Single Cone; 1 1/2" Straight Bore; 0.4690" Wide; 0.060" Maximum Shaft Fillet Radius; Standard Tolerance.


Pricey, but it was in stock locally.

David S Verified Purchase

TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

January 19, 2024

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TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

August 31, 2023

Timkin is top notch

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TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

November 16, 2022

Over priced. Race not included

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TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

October 25, 2022

Good service , good product order received quickly

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TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

June 16, 2022

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TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

October 28, 2021

Great quality at a reasonable price. On time delivery.

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TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

August 27, 2021

Shipped fast

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TIMKEN BEARING 13889-20629

August 22, 2021

Excellent service prompt delivery, you guys are doing as great service thank you so much more power to you all and stay safe.

Manuel L
February 22, 2021

Quality bearing. Worked as designed.

Steve G
November 29, 2018


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Q: Are the 13889 Timken bearings the FAA PMA'd bearings or the automotive ones? Blue box / FAA certified?

The 13889 bearings are PMA approved for aircraft use. They will ship in the blue box.

Q: I found 07100 bearing so in my Maule TW102 taillwheel .... are the 13889 bearings the correct FAA-PMA version of that bearing?

You will want to use Part # 08-12292 for the bearing on the TW102 tailwheel.

Q: Do you have the cup and bearing sold together?

It is commonly sold with the 13836 cup, but you would need to check your application to make sure that is the cup required. We do not offer it as a kit, each piece must be ordered separately.

Q: Timken bearing 13889-20629, what does the 20629 stand for?

Timken tapered roller bearings for landing wheels meet the stringent performance demands of these aircraft wheels whether in large commercial transports or small private airplanes. Timken marks these bearings with 20629 (inch) or N0629 (metric), signifying that they are designated and manufactured for these applications. In most commercial applications, Timken holds Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA.


1-1/2" Straight Bore | 0.4690" Wide | 0.060" Maximum Shaft Fillet Radius

Q: Did this Timken 13889 bearing replace the Timken 13589 bearing?

No. Part # 13889 is very common,its old with 13836.

Q: is 13889 the same size and dimention as lm67048xl cone bearing, will the molded grease seal fit on 13889?

No, there different sizes 13889 2.56 x 1.50. LM67049-20629 : 2.32 x 1.25. LM67048XL is NLA LM67048-2069 is the replacement.

Q: Please explain - which cup (13830-20629 or 13836-20629) is suitable (is match) for the cone bearing 13889-20629

13836-20629 is the correct cup for 13889-20629.

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