Aithre Angel Smart Button

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Part# 11-19683
MFR Model# AASBX02


The Aithre Angel is a smart button that is usable with the Garmin G3X to activate Smart Glide as an aftermarket solution and replacement for the standard Garmin button.

OPERATION The Angel features a brushed aluminum momentary backlit button with a persistent soft red glow to indicate the Angel is available. When the button is held for 3 seconds the Angel button flashes three bright pulses and activates the G3X pin to engage the smart glide functionality. Thereafter, the smart glide is controlled or deactivated as normal via the Garmin G3X software.

COMPACT FORM FACTOR AND SIMPLE WIRING The Aithre Angel is a brushed aluminum momentary button powered by Aithre electronics and software. A small electronic enclosure is hooked up to the smart button and designed to be mounted and hidden behind the avionics panel. Wiring is a simple 12V power, ground, and one engage wire for the G3X.

FUTURE ENHANCED OPTIONAL SMART FUNCTIONALITY The Aithre Angel is more than a mere momentary button as it is enabled by a processor, low energy wireless module, and switching circuitry, which enables future enhanced functionality and optional automatic activation in the event of in-app health trigger events.

IMPORTANT SMART GLIDE LIMITATIONS Smart Glide is a Garmin product and not an Aithre product. The Aithre Angel merely engages the Smart Glide functionality using a control pin exposed on the Garmin G3X system. Beyond providing an optional engagement mechanism, Aithre does not warrant, control, or modify the Smart Glide functionality. The user will need to fully understand the operations and limitations of the Smart Glide system independent of the Aithre Angel.

In The Box

  • Aithre Angel Smart Button
  • Aithre Angel Control Unit
  • Aithre Connect iOS App



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