Cessna 172 Glareshield 1963-1964

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Part# 05-04554
MFR Model# ADS-CG001


Note: Some installations may require cutting or slight modification of the Glareshield and is non-returnable once it is cut.

Glareshield is designed to replace the old covering normally found on the fascia above the instrument panel. It is made of temperature stable Lexan, padded with a FAA approved soundproofing foam and covered with a special leather grain like non-glare vinyl.

This Glare Shield is only for early model Cessna 172A-E that have a smooth transition from left to right with no step or joggle.

The eyebrow that extends three inches over the instrument panel is one inch thick and double stitched for durability and beauty. Unlike glare shields that are made of aluminum or fiberglass, the Glareshield eyebrow will flex, should it be inadvertently struck, providing an element of additional safety. By design, the Glareshield improves forward visibility over the existing factory eyebrow.

The Glareshield for these models is constructed the same as the (STD) model except the Lexan has been molded to fit over the hump (for the radios) on specific models. The design improves forward visibility over the existing factory eyebrow.


This will fit the 62 year model also. Was a bit leery spending so much on some plastic and fabric, but it really took my dash up a notch. The stitching is sharp and the pilot side defroster vent slot was already cut out. Only cut I made was for the radio stack vent hole.

November 29, 2019


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Q: Does the windshield have to be removed in order to install this glare shield?

No, the windshield does not need to be removed to install the glareshield 05-04554.

Q: Does the glareshield need to be trimmed for specific Cessna 172 models? Do holes have to be cut for the defroster and compass?

Per the supplier: Yes, if the customer would like defrost holes, they would have to be cut. Unfortunately, we realize the model number effectivity is not as broad as was provided in the past. For now, we know it should fit 1963 year models; these are flat and do not have any up/down/forward/ back steps in the glareshields.

Q: Is this glareshield for Cessna or Piper since you have Piper picture since the photo show a Piper emblem on the yoke?

The picture is for reference only. This particular glareshield, part # 05-04554, is for Cessna 172 aircraft.

Q: How difficult is this too install? Does it just lay over the old?

It replaces the glareshield that is currently installed, so you would need to remove that one. Every aircraft is different but it shouldn't be too difficult to install.