Cessna 172 Ashby Glareshield

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172 (1956-1958)172A - D, 1960-1963172 (1959 Only)172F-I, K-N, P, Q STC Approved
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Glareshield OnlyWith 12V LightsWith 24V Lights


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Note: Not FAA-PMA approved for US certified aircraft. May be manufactured under contract with owner-operator Under FAR 21.303b2. It is the owners responsbility to determine airworthiness and applicability.

Application Chart

Part Number Fits Models Serial Numbers
170 Cessna 172 1956-1958
172 Cessna 172A through D, 1960-1963
172E Cessna 172 - 1959 Only
172L 172 Type Certificate 3A12 All from 17251823 through 17276654
172L Cessna 172F USAF T-41A 17276654 and up
172L Cessna 172G
172L Cessna 172H USAF T-41A
172L Cessna 172I
172L Cessna 172K
172L Cessna 172L
172L Cessna 172M
172L Cessna 172N
172L Cessna 172P
172L Cessna 172Q
172L Type Certificate 3A17
172L Cessna R172E USAF T-41B, C, D R172-0001 - R172-0335
172L Cessna 172F USAF T-41D R172-0336- R172-0409
172L Cessna R172G USAF T-41C, D R1720410 to R1720444
172L Cessna 172H USAF T-41D R1720445 to R1720620
172L Cessna R172J P17257189
172L Cessna R172K R1722000 to R1723454
172L Cessna 172RG 172RG0001 to 172RG1191,691 and up


Warning this glareshield is nothing like the original in my 172M 66061. It is a piece of semi finished fibreglass that would need alot of cutting to size and modifying to get it to fit. Then it would need upholstering to get it looking semi decent. It was a waste of money and freight costs to get it to New Zealand just to throw out.

Performance D Verified Purchase


October 6, 2021

Just to add to my previous review after consulting with Spruce they were gracious enough to issue me a full refund amount for this glare shield. Thank you.

Roderick H
April 14, 2020

Like the 1-piece design but a little short on the ends so it doesn’t tuck tight to the windshield or behind the sidewall panels like the OEM panel. It sits about an inch above it the sidewall. Good fit around the rest of the windshield otherwise so didn’t have to trim for a good fit, just cut holes for the defroster & compass bracket.

Fly B
November 23, 2018

Couldnt be more disappointed. This is by far the worst fitting product Ive ever bought. I would suggest Aircraft Spruce stop distributing these. I recently bought one for an 80 172N. To say trimming was required is an understatement. There are essentially zero install instructions. We simply refused to install it. It wont fit properly at all and has zero flexibility, the front lip is showing fiberglass underneath it and is a really poor look, and it sticks out way too far, about 3-4 inches. Plus it will not fit the existing aluminum structure. We decided to apply vinyl for the glareshield and cover and stitch the existing eyebrow instead of installing this product.

Rick H
September 28, 2019


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Q: What type and color of lights are included in P/N 05-03914, Cessna 172 Ashby Glarshielf? Are they removable or part of the unit? Is this product FAA PMA aproved? or STC'd?

These lights are standard white lights. They are separate from the glareshield and are removable. Yes, this product is STC'd.

Q: Are the lights LED?

No, the lights are incandescent.

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