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LITE-PLY 4X8 1/8" 3MM3
LITE-PLY 4X8 1/4" 6MM5
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The beautiful, pliable answer to shaped and curved construction problems. Lite Ply is distinguished by its even grain, virtually snow white appearance and unusual resilience. It is a true "white wood, " poplar and finishes uniformly, whether stained or painted.

Supplied for over 50 years, Lite Ply has proven to be an excellent wood for industries where weight is a concern. Lite Ply has been proven to be a cost effective alternative to other light weight panels.
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I wanted to try this as a replacement for plywood I had been using for large R/C models. It has been coming harder to attain, costing more, This is perfect for my uses. Will be my source from now on.

Randall K
May 12, 2020


Rick J
February 27, 2020


Q: Can a 4' x 8' x 1/8 Panel of Lite-Ply (p/n 02-00115) be rolled for UPS shipment?

No, part number 02-00115 cannot be rolled to avoid oversize charges.

Q: How many ply is the lite ply plywood?

The 1/8" is 3 ply and the 1/4" is 5 ply.

Q: I would like to purchase plywood, light ply and thin birch. Can you cut it down to sizes shipable by UPS Ground? Need this stuff for RC aircraft.

Yes, we can cut wood down to the sizes you need and certainly small enough to ship by UPS Ground. Please let us know which cuts you need at the time of order and we will take care of it.

Q: In your documents link you have a document stating that lite-ply is available in various finish grades and exterior or interior. Which grade and exposure is your product?

Per supplier: P/N# 02-00115 is Grade AB/BB. P/N# 02-00116 is Grade B/BB.

Q: Is waterproof glue used in the laminations of the lite ply wood?

Waterproof glue is not used in the laminations.

Q: What is the largest size of the lite ply plywood that can be shipped without oversize charges?

2 ft x 2 ft pieces.

Q: What is the weight of 1/8 lite ply in ounces per sq ft?

3.36 ounces per square foot.

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