Coax Cable Crimping Tool

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Part# 12-02378
MFR Model# 47-10070


This 12 point, full ratchet crimping tool terminates precision BNC connectors in size RG 55,58,59,62,141,142,223,303 and 400. This crimper is built to MS22520 specifications and die set is included with the crimper.


  • Cable Groups: RG 55/58/59/62/141/142/223/303/400
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Professional grade tool, low price. What else can you say. Very Happy.

Dennis Verified Purchase


May 6, 2022

Nice crimpers. Used on rg58 and rg400. No problems.

Voit A Verified Purchase


November 15, 2021

Tool worked well reasonably priced, no instructions came with the tool, study how to use it prior to wasting a coax pin.. coax pins are not sold separately. If you ruin the pin you will have to buy a new connector assembly.

John M
May 18, 2020

Good, solid tool but no instructions included, made in Taiwan.

Estherville A
December 8, 2017

First crimp with a new out of the box crimper. Installing the center pin the crimp failed, center pin pulled off. This not where I wanted to be with a new tool. Frustrating.

Aircraft A
April 12, 2018


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Q: How many dies are included with this coax crimping tool? Are the dies clipped in or screwed in?

The crimper comes with 1 die that works with the listed cables and connectors. The dies are screwed in.

Q: Does the coax cable crimping tool crimp the shield barrel only? Or does it also crimp the pin?

Both the pin and barrel can be crimped using this tool.

Q: Is the single die adjustable then to fit each RG size listed?

The same die is used for all of the RG cables listed. The die consists of a .213, .255, and .068 inch cavities. This will crimps pins and coax for RG 58, 142 and 400.

Q: Does the crimper come with a manual for calibration purposes?

No, this ships as the tool only with no manual.

Q: Will the 12-02378 work for TNC AMP right angle male dual crimp connectors? The dual crimp is my main concern. If a different tool is needed, please recommend.

This will work for those connectors. This is the crimper our harness shop uses for our coax assemblies.

Q: Does this tool come calibrated? / Can it be calibrated?

Yes this crimper is calibrated at the factory and can be set in to be calibrated.

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