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ATS E50A Magneto Sychronizer

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Part# 12-01013
MFR Model# E50A


The ATS E50A Magneto Synchronizer is a modern redesign of the classic test instrument used by aviation mechanics around the world for over 50 years. It uses surface-mounted (SMD) micro-circuitry to eliminate the need for the bulky vibrator, and heavy transformers. The new technology of the E50A uses low voltage signals to measure the inductance of the magneto and precisely detect the moment the points break, without any false readings.

The ATS E50A also features enhancements to make your job easier, such as a Built-In Calibrated Test Point to validate your tester before each use; a battery monitor to give you plenty of warning before your tester runs out of power; and Quiet-Mode operation that alerts you only when the points break - so no more annoying "buzz-box" always screaming at you when you're trying to do a test.

Model Differences

    I don't see any lights or hear the buzzer when I turn the unit on (as with the older models).
  • If you're familiar with older models of the E50, then this new behavior might stump you at first, but it's by design. When we re-engineered the E50A we believed that it simply made more sense to give the user a consistent positive indication when the points break, instead of the sometimes confusing mixed indications of the older models.
    I was able to short the leads with the older E50 models to get a response, but I cannot with the new E50A. Also, why is the test point necessary?
  • The ability to short the leads of the older E50 model and have the light go out was simply an oddity of that design. It is not, nor was ever intended to be, a CONTINUITY TESTER, which is how you are trying to use it when you short the leads and expect a response.

    The new E50A measures the INDUCTANCE of the magneto coil, which is the correct way to test the magneto. Therefore, if the magneto has excessive resistance (over 100 Ohms), which may be due to burned windings or poor internal connections, the new E50A will rightly not respond to the fault. Similarly, if the magneto has very low inductance (less than .01mH), which may be due to internal shorting or a failure of the bypass capacitor, the E50A will again not respond until the fault condition is resolved.

    So, in short, the new E50A is designed to work only when the following conditions are met:
    • It is properly hooked up to the magneto
    • The magneto does not have high resistance (> 100Ohm), indicative of open windings.
    • The magneto does not have low inductance (< .01mH), indicative of shorted windings.

    The older E50 models were able to detect fault conditions (a) and sometimes (c), but they could not detect fault condition (b).

    The onboard TEST POINT is designed to be an electronic approximation of an actual magneto's primary circuitry (i.e. similar inductance, capacitance, and resistance). So, using the test point is the best way to confirm the operational capability of your E50A prior to application.


  • All Solid-State Design
  • On Board Calibration Tester
  • Dual Independent Channels
  • Warns When Battery Runs Low
  • Quiet-Mode Operation
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White B Verified Purchase


April 28, 2023

Natron A Verified Purchase


February 9, 2023


Fred A Verified Purchase


December 13, 2022

Good quality,easy to use.

Andre D Verified Purchase


June 18, 2022

worked great right out of the box…probably overkill for my motorcycle application, but I would recommend it.

Richard G Verified Purchase


February 9, 2022

This model has been around for a long time, and I like things they are proven. Couldn’t be happier.

Richard H Verified Purchase


January 28, 2022

Jeff S Verified Purchase


December 7, 2021

Very nice product ,quick shipping,great company to work with.

Harold G Verified Purchase


August 15, 2021

This timing light is very well made and works as advertised. If I had any complaint, it would be that when I received it the battery was not wrapped in anything and banging around loose inside the device. Nothing was damaged, but could have been. Very poorly packaged.

David A
September 16, 2019

excellent. It was out of stock when I ordered it and it arrived before the identified time. Great service!

Murray S
September 16, 2019


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Q: Regarding the Eastern Electronics magneto timing light - model E-50: It is made for dual magnetos, but will it work for single magneto set ups?

Per the supplier: yes, it will work on a single case, dual magneto set up.

Q: Do the Eastern Electronics E-50 magneto timing light require calibration?

No, per the manufacturer, they do not require calibration.

Q: When the magneto points open, do the lamps illuminate or do the lamps extinguish?

The lamps will illuminate when the points are closed. The light will extinguish when the points are open and timed.

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