Hand Crimp Tool Gmt232

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Part# 11-08692
MFR Model# GMT232


The GMT232 Hand Crimp Tool crimps low profile environmental splices.

The GMT232 is the most popular tool to cover the range of 12 (yellow), 16 (blue), and 20 (red) splices for low profile environmental splice applications.

The GMT232 has a locator which is configured to hold the splice in the correct location while either wire is being terminated. This tool is comparable to the popular Tyco AD1377.

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Excellent tool!

Ken K Verified Purchase

M22520/37-01 CRIMP TOOL GMT232

January 5, 2022

Im no longer in the industry, but still cannot do without this tool and relative splices.

Brian C Verified Purchase

M22520/37-01 CRIMP TOOL GMT232

December 29, 2021

Extremely fast shipping. I have purchased a few items from this site, and have been happy with both purchases.

Dustin J
May 19, 2020

This is the standard by which I judge crimpers. It features a locking mechanism that only releases when youve got just the right amount of crimping, preventing over and under crimping, as well as holding the splice in place. It also has a wire guide and depth cage on the backside that you can remove with a Philips screwdriver, should the work are be to tight. Overall, great package.

Mr. 2
February 16, 2018


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Q: Does this Hand Crimp Tool GMT232 come pre-calibrated?

Yes, this tool will come pre-calibrated.

Q: Will the HAND CRIMP TOOL GMT232 also crimp terminals or is it solely for environmental splices?

The GMT232 is solely for environmental splices.

Q: Does this hand crimp tool GMT232 come in a storage case?

No, it does not include a case in the box.

Q: How often does it need to be checked with go/no go guage?

Per the manufacturer: Just as we do not offer a recommendation on when a customer should calibrate his tool, we do not offer a recommendation on how often a customer should check his tool to ensure proper calibration. It is all left up to the users preference and judgement.

Q: What is the country of origin?

The country of origin is the USA.

Q: Can you use other aviation Rachet crimpers(like the ones used for other aviation butt connectors)…or must you use this tool for the “environmental connectors” the butt splice connector part number 11-04425-10 and part number 11-04426-10. Also what is the difference in purpose of those two part numbers one is Tin plated the other Nickle plated.

You can use other crimpers. This tool is just a recommendation. As for the splices, the material is the difference. As stated, one is tin plated and one is nickel plated.

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