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Part# 12-03105
MFR Model# G27


The Cherry® G-27 Hand Riveter is designed specifically for the most efficient installation of 1/8" Cherry®MAX Rivets. The G-27 Riveter is intended for use where access or power limitation prevents the use where access or power limitation prevents the use of Cherry® pneumatic power tools. Overall length of the G-27 is 9-1/4", the net weight is just 13 ounces and the pulling head is an integral part of the tool.


Works great for our students s projects.

Edward B
September 24, 2018

Just received it - have not had a chance to use it yet - but it looks like a quality product

Michael F
July 26, 2018


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Q: Do you really need Rivet Gun G-27 to pull CherryMax Rivets (CR312) or can a normal rivet gun suffice? Not sure why the special gun is required for the CherryMax.

Yes, it is required. The Cherrymax require more force to pull it properly, and will damage regular pulling heads on standard rivet guns.

Q: Is the g-27 suitable for pulling bsps style rivets?

The G-27 is designed for Cherry MAX rivets. BSPS rivets can be pulled with any standard rivet gun. Part number 12-00178 for example.

Q: Will the G-27 gun pull a CherryMax 5-4?

This tool is specifically designed to pull 1/8" diameter rivets. It will not pull the 5-4 rivets.

Q: Are these rivet guns used and work?

These rivet guns are new, outright. They are not in used condition.

Q: Whats the difference between the g27 and the g28 cherry pop rivet gun?

The G27 rivet gun is used for Cherry Max rivets while the G28 rivet gun is used for Cherry N & Q rivets.

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