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If you fly, repair, restore or build aircraft this catalog is a must for you. Fully illustrated with over 100,000 products for certificated, experimental and ultralight aircraft and the pilots that fly them. We carry the most extensive selection of products in the industry.
  • Over 1,100+ Pages of Full Color Aviation Products
  • Instruments & Avionics
  • Metal Sheet & Tubing
  • Composite Materials
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Airframe Parts
  • Electrical Supplies
  • Aircraft Kits
  • Engine Parts
  • Landing Gear
  • Hardware
  • Books and Videos
  • And Much More . .

Made in USA


Full Color Catalog


If you fly, repair, restore or build aircraft this catalog is a must for you. Fully illustrated with over 100,000 products for certificated, experimental and ultralight aircraft and the pilots that fly them. We carry the most extensive selection of products in the industry.

Free Shipping On Catalog Orders With USA


Catalog only orders shipping to domestic addresses within the USA qualify for free USPS shipping. For international and Canadian customers, a $20 shipping fee must be collected.

Aircraft Spruce Interactive PDF


We are proud to announce our digital catalog is available as a PDF download and for the first time ever is interactive with our website. Just click on a part number in the digital version and you will be brought to our website for pricing, stock and ordering.

View In Catalog On E-Commerce Site


A new feature for this year’s catalog is the “View in Catalog” link you will see on many pages. If a web page contains a product found in our print catalog, the link will be presented at the bottom of the product page. Clicking the link opens a window to the PDF catalog page, and from there you can click other part numbers to see those product details online, or page forward and backward to browse like products in the same section. Note: Paging feature not available on tablet or smartphones.


Comprehensive! Easy to read.!

David B
March 4, 2021

Great catalog of materials that is hard to find for aircraft.

Edward M
March 3, 2021

I have needed a catelogue for the last few years a a friend borroed my previous catelogue an never returned it. I usually secure a new copy at Oshkosh, but with the Covid and prior health issues, have not been able to get there. Your sending the catelogue, which arrived with my spruce order was great. I can now secure whatever I need with a quick referrral to the catelogue. Many Thanks, Ron

Ronald H
February 16, 2021

It has everything

February 13, 2021

Next to the old Sears catalog....this one looks even thicker. I havent really started using it yet, but the catalog sure looks like it contains about every possible part I can think of. Ill definitely be using it soon to search for parts I need for my Warrior.

Royce T
February 1, 2021

Excellent!-very informative and well organized catalog with a huge selection of items.

Paul O
January 28, 2021

Great catalog to have around for offline reading.

K. P
January 25, 2021

What’s not to love, well, there is product pricing...mostly friendly folks when they do answer the phone.

January 25, 2021

Has just about everything you need to build an airplane. Has always had everything I needed. I think the Shipping is a little much as on my last order you could have put everything except the catalog in the little box the small steel tube came in but instead this 10 inch square by 30 inch long box was shipped. 97% air and packing. Never the less I will continue to do business with you as you do have everything I need. I will be placing another order soon.

David E
January 24, 2021

All the information at the flick of a page! Being an older flyer, paper (although not completely green) is a good tool to browse.

January 22, 2021


Q: Is shipping to Canada subject to the $20 bulk mail charge when part of an order? Or is the $20 charge when the catalog is the only item ordered?

No, the $20 bulk mail charge for Canada and International shipments is when the catalog is the only item on the order. If we are adding a catalog to an order with other merchandise, additional freight is not billed.

Q: Is there a shipping charge for delivery to Ohio if I am only ordering a catalog? The web page says there is not but the ordering form keeps putting a $10.00 charge on. I am a member of AOPA if makes a difference!

No. There is no freight charge on catalog orders shipping within the USA. Make sure in the shopping cart that your country is set to USA and the freight charge will display FREE.

Q: When I follow the link to the download it opens on the webpage. How do I download the PDF of your catalog from that webpage while using my iPad? Or, can you email the .pdf to me for easy download?? You may want to consider that as a regular option... Thank You and Blue Skies, Ted

If you scroll down on the page for the download, there is a link to download the entire catalog as a PDF. You can also click here to start the download. It is 89mb. Once it is downloaded you can save it to your Books on the iPad.

Q: When will your 2019-20 catalogue be available?

Our new catalog is released at EAA Airventure Oshkosh each year. This year's event begins on July 22nd.

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