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Aviation Instrument Whiskey 6 Glass Set

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Part# 13-25584
MFR Model# RG11-01


Our Aviation Instrument Whiskey Glass Set comes with 6 -11 oz glasses. Each glass is laser-engraved with the iconic “6-pack” cockpit instruments. Including the altimeter, airspeed indicator, compass, turn coordinator, vertical speed indicator, and attitude indicator.

These glasses aren’t just drinkware; they’re works of art, designed to capture the essence of flight and serve as a conversation starter for pilots and enthusiasts alike.

The smooth surface and weighted base ensure a comfortable grip, enhancing the overall experience for savoring your favorite spirits.

Whether it’s a quiet evening at home, reminiscing about past flights, or a lively gathering with fellow aviators, these glasses make any day a celebration.

This set is the perfect gift for the pilot in your life. Celebrate the spirit of flight and add a touch of aviation charm to every sip.


  • Includes 6 glasses, each holding 11 oz
  • Laser-engraved with iconic cockpit instruments
  • Serve as works of art and conversation starters
  • Weighted base
  • Perfect for quiet evenings or lively gatherings
  • Ideal gift for pilots and aviation enthusiasts
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