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Stearman Towbar - Tailwheel

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Part# 13-11618
MFR Model# PT-RT


This towbar easily captures your tailwheel. Just push down on the bar and latch the pental hook or drawbar ball. It makes moving the Stearman from the rear quick and easy. Made with heavy duty wheels and pump up tires. Powder coated black.


This is exactly what I was looking for to fit my Scott 3200 8 tailwheel on my C-170B. Unlike many tailwheel tow bars, you do not lift this one. You push down to lift the tail. There is no handle for manual pulling once the tail is lifted although one could be added easily. Its specifically made for attaching to a hitch, which is perfect for me because I need to tow on an incline to my hangar. The towbar will lock by lever action on to your hitch ball (placed upside down) or into a pintle hook, which I find more secure. I had to trim about a 1/4 off the wheel saddle, to get the lift in place probably because of the grass factor on my strip. The ring at the end of the tow bar barely fit over a 2 ball, 1 7/8 was no problem. Overall, the tow bar works great. The only negative is that it could be a little stouter in its construction. It came well packaged and is powder coated. I ordered directly from the manufacturer as Spruce wanted to charge me for shipping to them and then again to ship to me. 4 stars only because I was expecting it to be a little more rugged

July 14, 2021


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Q: What is the distance between the two pins?

5-1/4 INCHES

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