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Ground Support Tow Bar For Scott Tailwheel

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Part# 13-02205
MFR Model# M540-012


A tow bar designed for aircraft using a Scott 3000 series tailwheel.

Collapsible Length: 28"
Overall Length: 48"


  • Collapsible Length: 28"
  • Overall Length: 48"
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Simple but works well

John P
April 14, 2021

THis a a very well made tow bar and works extremely wellwith my Stinson 108-3

Richard L
July 15, 2020

Game changer for getting the Champ in and out of the hangar. Fits fine on Scott 3200. Anything heavier than the Champ at gross (~1400) would be a challenge to push even on the level.

Pt A
July 7, 2020

Works great on scott tailwheels, this is my second one for my second airplane.

Eric T
April 9, 2020

Excellent product. Works as advertised. Quality construction. Fits Citabria 7GCBC perfectly. Happy with product.

Bob M
November 21, 2019

Simple, and effective. Bend spring ends slightly to keep spring in place. Fast shipment.

Donald S
June 29, 2018

Just what I needed - works with both my Decathlon and Extra.

Edge B
June 15, 2018

Good quality, works well, and fits in the baggage compartment of my Citabria.

Lee L
May 11, 2018

Works great, can easily move my PA-22/20. Really good price and stores inside my cargo department.👍👍👍

Kieth M
March 2, 2018

Works really well for what it is designed to do. Going to make a personal modification so I can also push with it

John R
March 4, 2019


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Q: Regarding the tow bar for scott tailwheels: What is the diameter of the handle bar ( the T portion)? And What is the diameter of the both ends goes over the nuts?

The OD of the handle is 3/4". And the OD of the portion the portion that attaches to the wheel is 1-1/4".

Q: Does this towbar have protective nylon inserts where it goes over the nuts on the tailwheel?

No, it does not have any inserts.

Q: What is the ID of the tube that slides over the tailwheel nuts?

1 inch ID

Q: What is the narrowest width between lug nuts that this towbar will work with?

The narrowest width between the lugs is 2 inches.

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