Universal Aircraft Marker By Plane Sights

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Part# 13-05603
MFR Model# UAM20607


Every two years, over 8 percent of aircraft suffer ground damage. Now there’s a simple, low-cost way to greatly reduce the risk of delays and disappointments due to “ramp rash” damage. Highly reflective markers make vulnerable wing and elevator tips clearly visible under all conditions, and their projecting “proximity fuses” warn that something is too close before damage occurs. Plane Sights universal wing and elevator markers fit all aircraft from Airliners to light sport aircraft, including models with static wicks and strobe lights. For aircraft with tip tanks, the wing marker opening fits over one end of the tank. Plane Sights aircraft markers are available in sets of two to five pieces, for fitting to wing tips elevator tips and propeller blades. A full set, including its free carrying pouch stows under most aircraft seats. Once initial fitting is done, the markers can be installed and removed in seconds during routine pre- and post-flight walk-arounds.

Weight: 0.08 kg
Package Contents: Two (2) corner marker pieces, two (2) harness pieces, two (2) marker fuses, four (4) 54” lengths of shock cord with cord hook ends, and four shock cord hook ends for assembly.

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Q: Can this go on a two bladed prop?

The manufacturer offers a prop marker kit that would work much better for this application, it would need to be a special order. Please contact our sales department at 877-477-7823 for price and lead time of this special order item.

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