Part# 11-14306


Capacitance Fuel Level Sender, Bendable, Cutable. Senders are produced by Centroid Products.

MGL Avionics Capacitance Probe is available in 12" or 24" long. The senders can be bent above the black mark on the probe (first several inches only), and they can be cut to length.

If the sender is NOT cut, there is NO Empty/Full Calibration that needs to be done on the sender - you go straight to Fuel Level Calibration on the EFIS. If the sender HAS been cut shorter, then the Empty/Full Calibration must be done before EFIS Fuel Level Calibration is done.


Perfect for my 1951 MG TD which has a 19 deep fuel tank and came with only a low fuel warning float sensor, which is stuck low. With this cut-down 24 unit and a LM3914 ten segment LED indicator display I will have a complete FULL to EMPTY reading on my dash.

Craig G
June 29, 2019

Wow! These work great. After trying a float sender, that wouldnt read any fuel below 1/2 tank then trying the same type of sender as this MGL but I didnt change more than a volt, and wouldnt change readings above 1/2 tank. Horrible luck! Finally after working directly with Aircraft Spruce, they mentioned MGL makes a sender. Once it was installed it worked great. Now I can see the whole tank, not just 1/2. And there is no calibration on the sender itself because the voltage stays within limits of 0.3v and 4v. I calibrated the MGL iEFIS and thats it. It worked. Easily bendable. Careful not to bend it beyond its radius limit, or below its black mark. The other senders did not include the mark, adding to the confusion.

January 11, 2018

Worked very well for my application, did not give 5 stars due to the fact that it looks nothing like the picture it is not adjustable as the picture would suggest Nor does it have the screws on the top which would have worked better for me. I have the Taskem EFI and it worked very well with it and priced right as well.

Alan R
February 2, 2018


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Q: Does this fuel level probe come with the electrical wires attached or do I have to attach my own wires? Does the probe have to be sealed when going through a 1/4 brass fitting hole that is snug? This is for a top down seat fuel tank for an experimental gyroplane.

Per MGL: This probe comes with the wires needed for use. The probe does not have to be sealed when going through a 1/4 brass fitting hole.

Q: How long is the bendable area?

The probe tube will have a black mark showing the end of the bendable area from the mounting base. It is 3-5 inches long.

Q: Will this fuel sender work with other EFIS such as Advanced Flight Systems 5800?

We do not have any data to support use of MGL senders with out manufacturer systems. They very well may work, but we cannot guarantee or recommend it.

Q: What value is for empty tank and full at the output?

0 volts empty, 4 volts full.

Q: What is the height of the housing?

Height: 0.72
Diameter: 2.625

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