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Electronics International USB-6A Smart Charger For CGR-30P

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Part# 10-05911
MFR Model# USB-6A


Electronics International PMA'd and STC'd USB Smart Charger for your EI CGR-30 Primary Engine Monitor System


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This is my second EI USB Smart Charger. I like the small format and cleans up the panel in regard to where to put the USB port(s) for downloading data from CGRs. The price is quite reasonable and it removes the problem of electrical noise from using 12V cigarette lighter type USB chargers. If installed with a CGR it is already approved. I am not sure but maybe field approval would make it legal to install stand-alone.

Tfc A Verified Purchase


March 9, 2024

Excellent. Why buy anything else.

Joseph H
October 17, 2018

Its awesome, but it would have been nice of EI to include 2 or 3 D sub jumpers and a pin extraction tool : / Not all of us have a twin with two CGR-30Ps and a 30C !! Most of us are only going to need to use one of the USB ports in the middle for data transfer.

Joel M
March 27, 2017

Had to start over on plug because the pins were impossible to remove to disable useless pass through usb connections. Should have come with 3 jumpers and plugs not installed. An extra $75 to install for no good reason.

Watts A
May 28, 2020


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Q: How much current can each of the ports output on the EI USB-6A smart charger?

Per EI: Each of the two outside ports provide 2.1 amps. The 3 middle ports are designed for communication and not recommended for charging purposes.

Q: Can this EI USB-6A smart charger be installed on it's own without the CGR-30P? I have a JPI 830 rather than a EI monitor, but I have a couple 2 1/4 holes that would love to have a charger like this!

This product is STC'd when installed with the CGR-30. You can install as a stand alone unit but it is not STC'd and you will need to get with your installer to see if a minor alteration can be done for the sign off.

Q: We want to install a product like this in our fleet of helicopters (10 machines in total). Does this unit have FAA or EASA TSO certification? Could you send me the PDF that is listed under the document tab as the link does not seem to work?

Per Electronics International, this unit is currently not FAA or EASA TSO'd as a stand-alone unit at this time. The Document in the Documents tab have been fixed.

Q: Can this be used for general USB feed-thru, e.g., for Dynon displays in a LSA with a LOA? It would be ideal for dual display USB and leave three USBs for charging ports.

The two edge USBs are only for charging while the 3 middle USB ports are for data transfer.

Q: Is this EI USB-6A product TSOd? Is the STC valid as a standalone charger?

It is not TSO'D and cannot be used as a standalone charger.