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Part# 10-04075
MFR Model# 3060-18H


JPI EDM option, oil press sender with harness.
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Arrived as promised. Installed by my IA with no issues. Have not flown yet to determine how accurate it is compared to the factory reading.

Kiran D
December 4, 2017


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Q: Is this options part number is 306018 and is the oil pressure sensor for 730?

This is JPI part # 3060-18h and yes, it will work with the 730.

Q: Will this part work with the JPI EDM 830?

Yes, this sender will work with the 830.

Q: What are the pipe connection ( size and thread ) details for the sensor .. I need to order an AN type Te fitting to suit .... and therefore need to know the connection details . ... thank you

Per the installation manual, The probe uses an AN-910-1D coupling with a 1/8 NPT which attaches to an AN-816-4D 1/8 NPT to flared. For more information on installation please refer to the install manual.

Q: Will this unit be compatible with my EDM930?

Yes, this is compatible with the EDM series, including the 930.

Q: Will this optional sender work with the EDM 350?

Yes, this sender will work with the JPI EDM 350.

Q: Will the EDM 790 support this or any oil pressure option?

Per the manufacturer, this will work with the EDM series including the 790.

Q: Is this the p3 harness that you would need for the manifold pressure and rpm as well , what is the cost for just the harness, to do M/P and rpm cheers?

The P3 harness you will need is part # 10-06245 for the RPM and MAP options.

Q: I have an EDM 700, would like to add the oil pressure option, does the gauge need to be sent to JPI for upgrade in order to gain that function?

No, you do not need to send in the unit to add the oil pressure option to the EDM 700 P/N 10-04075.

Q: Will this harness work with the oil temperature sending unit for the EDM 350?

Yes, it will.

Q: Is this oil pressure option approved for use in a certified aircraft like Cessna T210 equipped with a EDM-830?

Yes, these the probe options are approved for use in certified aircraft.