Mukuni Dual Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit

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Part# 07-01010
MFR Model# MK-DF-52


Mukuni fuel pump rebuild kit for dual pumps.


  • FOR DF52-21, DF52-73, DF52-93 FUEL PUMPS


We fly airplanes but I found you had the parts I needed for our race car. Everything was great. Parts showed up on time and were the right ones. Thanks, Ill be back for sure. Scott

Scott G
May 17, 2021

Easy to install. Works perfectly.

November 16, 2020

This new rebuild kit for the dual Mikuni fuel pump was great quality and fit perfectly. Will definitely order through Aircraft Spruce again.

Vance S
January 18, 2019

Works great, restored my fuel pump to like-new. Rubber plugs take some work to insert into flapper valves and then into pump orifices, but a little 2-stroke oil as lube helped. Note how lines are connected and parts during disassembly, then reassemble with parts in this kit and youre good.

April 23, 2018

Works excellent! Remember to take photos as you take your pump apart, because there are no assembly instructions. Also, to fit the two little rubber thingies properly, you have to set the little plastic disc over the hole, then use a non-sharp piece of pushrod material, like a paper-clip, into the hole in the rubber thingy, then press it through the hole in the disc and the metal hole at the same time.

Douglas R
May 5, 2017


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Q: Could you please confirm what is the manufacturer Part Number of this Kit?

Mikuni part # is MK-DF-52.

Q: Exactly what parts come with the bikini duel pump rebuild kit?

4x Gaskets, 2x Diaphragms, 2x Valves, 2x Grommets.

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