iCloth Avionics XL Screen and Lens Cleaner

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Cleaning wipes for use on large format monitors, touchscreens, whiteboards, LCD / LED / OLED TV screens, windows and glass doors, windscreens, and other extra-large surfaces.
Safe for use on all screens, electronics, glasses, and coatings.
Wipes are non-streaking and individually wrapped.


  • Premium water-based formula specially designed to clean sensitive surfaces without causing damage
  • Optimal moisture level for cleaning all kinds of electronics without affecting responsiveness and ensuring a streak-free finish
  • Exceptionally strong, soft and lint-free cloth with aerospace certifications that will ensure effective dirt pick-up
  • Individually packaged to keep each wipe perfectly moist and hygienic until the moment of use
  • Safe cleaning for anti-glare, anti-scratch and any other protective coatings on eyewear without scratching them


  • No ethyl alcohol or ammonia
  • No scratchy or linty cloth
  • No excessive moisture that could cause damage or leave smudges behind
  • No additional accessories needed to clean
  • No bulky packaging that gets in the way of you being able to clean on-the-go
  • No impractical/messy packaging that could compromise the reliability of the cleaning wipe



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