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West System Six10™ Thickened Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge - 190 Ml

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Part# 01-01069
MFR Model# 10287571


Epoxy bonds incredibly well to woods, fiberglass materials, metals, and concrete, but it is typically a two-part system that requires mixing cups, stir sticks, pumps, fillers, and other equipment and can be intimidating to some users. West System has always aimed to make using epoxy easier; Six10 is the result of this pursuit and effectively takes the intimidation out of bonding with epoxy.

Six10 uses a unique tube with separate chambers for epoxy resin and hardener. As both components exit the tube they mix in a static mixing nozzle and are ready for application as they exit the nozzle opening; simply apply epoxy as you would caulk. Six10 has a working time of 42 minutes (within the static mixer) so it can be used for a wide variety of projects. The epoxy is pre-thickened to prevent sagging during the curing process. As the epoxy is mixed or spread, it will thin slightly and can be used to wet out moderate weight fiberglass or carbon fiber. The initial cure is achieved in 5-6 hours.

If you only need a little amount of epoxy, squeeze out what is needed then remove and dispose of the static mixer and cap the tube. The separation of the resin and hardener allows Six10 to be stored for later use. Additional static mixers can be purchased separately in sets of two or by the dozen for later use.

Remove some of the stress of working with epoxy by using Six10 cartridges with a static mixer and caulking gun convenience for your next bonding project.


  • Easy to use cartridge with static mixer
  • Ideal for bonding applications and wetting out moderate weight fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Designed to balance properties of 105 resins with G-Flex flexibility
  • Unique two chamber tube allows storage of an opened tube
  • Additional static mixers available in two or twelve packs (sold separately)


Capacity 6.46 Ounces Cartidge
Color Clear
Cure Time 5 to 6 Hours
Material Two-Part Epoxy
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The epoxy itself works great. The problem I had was with the applicator tip. It stopped with only about a quarter of the epoxy out of the tube. Had to take it off and just mix it by hand on a board. Trying to use it in a hand calking gun is almost impossible. I have used this epoxy a lot and every time I have used it it is the same. Works great but just dont expect it to come out of the tube like it is supposed to.

Gary B
March 29, 2021


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